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  1. I went to the derm for the first time...ever. He perscribed: -Neutrogena salicylic acid acne wash (twice a day, AM & PM) -After: Duac topical gel, containing: clindamycin 1% & 5% benzoyl peroxide (AM & PM) -Minocycline 75MG (2X a day, AM & PM) What do you think? any one try any of these? Also, i've been on mino before, 3 times... will it still work?... it's a higher dosage now. Also: after the Duac is done, I'm suppose to try: -cleocin lotion (AM) - retin A micro (PM) (along
  2. Thanks to everyone who answered. I took my pictures today & they don't look all that bad. I sat at a good angle, so I was lucky.
  3. your school's pretty darn shallow xD. i feel like crap glad tp know you feel good though. stay jolly
  4. i chose not to take year book pictures b/c of my acne... i usually get so ecited over these things..... guess that's one more for the list of things that acne has taken away: happiness, smile, confidence... memories(the good ones) oh so emo-rific
  5. ur cool xD, skin looks good

  6. i don't get how ppl with acne can say they hate it in a person (same with scars).. just don't get... then again, i don't even understand y anyone would reject someone b/c of what's on their face... (maybe that's just because i have acne though =(..sigh.)
  7. lol, this is funny.. i'm sorry *hugs*
  8. I've been thinking i should quit eating also... my family, ignorant as they are, think that greasy foods and all that crap cause acne... so when i eat them(once in 20 yrs) they like freak out on me.... anyways, let's go anorexic =D.. u and me bud
  9. It might get worse... sweat gets trapped in ur pores
  10. DROP proactiv!!... it sucked for me =( Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Vanessa Williams, Kelly Clarkson... all LIARS... anyway... ur acne isn't that bad.. good luck
  11. It's hard. When I'm brushing my teeth in the morning... I'm forced to look.. ahh
  12. night is better... during the morning i feel like sticking my head in the ground... ostrich style =(