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  1. When you have an abdominal aortic aneurysm when you see someone rub their hands all over their face. that was a good one... the sad thing is i was laughing so hard on here about this topic, but also wanted to cry at some. It is so true what u allare saying... i thought i was the only one who felt this way. It is so sad that we all suffer from something we hate about our skin- everything i have heard so far has been so funny- and it seems like all u guys have so much personality///if we coul
  2. haha thats funny bury me pale//lol hah and whoever said fake bake dont u hate girls that do that... natural skin is in! i want to see those girls in ten years theyre gonna look like they couldl be my mom
  3. I think u can try chemical peels. They will work great for that. Try glycolic or even one strong chemical peel...u may have some swelling and redness for a few days but ull only need one...and u'll look good after hope u find the answer!!
  4. i know its a made up holdiday whatever whatsver butttt I Loveeee it even if i dont have a mannn i still love it. I mean i have one but if i didnt i would still buy myself those cute bears at rite aid lol
  5. i dont know how to do anything on here. i just signed up and all i know how to do is make new topics can someone tell me how to personal msg someone
  6. i got into the mess im in now from popping for no good reason just to do it... but lol ii def. understand how u feel...it is sort of fun sometimes... is that weird to say? well i dont do it anymore although it is hard sometimes!!
  7. Bobbi Brown has great make-up. Try there concealer stick and they have this lotion u put on each morning to protect skin from enviromental damage and sun and it has vitamins in it too...PLUS it helps smooth out the way ur make up looks...its like 40 bucks... all there stuff is OIL FREE too./:)
  8. HOLD CRAP NO DO NOT USE IT! first of all its [email protected] Second...the cleanser is far too harsh to use daily...u cannot use harsh rough chemicals liek that on ur skin. Third its so strong...it smells like perfume...thats not good...extra chemicals plus acne = BAD. I suggest going to a derm, and using the least products possible... what i did was go to the derm and start solodyn rather than accutane which is so bad for you! I did ithat for 12 weeks...and the acne cleared. I have red marks and some sha
  9. thats why ple shouyld use this stuff. i actually would not try any pills...i mean antibiotics are not good to take for a long period of time.. but trust me when u have skin issues ur really desperate!!!:)
  10. when i started breaking out my doc gave me solodyn with my insurance it was 40 bucks, and i only needed to take it for 12 weeks. all the acne is gone. i hear on here all the time about people having moderate not severe acne and taking accutane. accutane is horrible...the side effects are not wrth it. nsolodyn is great and works wthin one month. i have no breakouts anymore. has anyone heard this...im really surprised no one speaks of this....
  11. Marks? I hope you are not risking this for red marks! The misconception that these temporary pigmented marks are scarring is so pervasive. This is why when people talk about some product or procedure erasing their acne scars, it is because they never had acne scars in the first place. The post-inflammation pigmentions are called psuedoscars - "Psuedo" meaning fake (ie, fake scars). no, no, i def. do not hvae any perm. marks from this/ acually i am taring to c good results. i meant i had swe