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  1. Im just so scared to try it because last time I did it I broke out horribly on my forehead. I guess I will try Aloe Vera to see how that works. Won't honey be sticky and clog my pores? Any suggestions for which Aloe Vera or Honey products to try?
  2. How much do you guys apply? I ask this because Im thinking maybe I apply too much.
  3. I've tried Cetaphil, i've tried jojoba oil, ive tried Purpose, ive tried St Ives. Every one of these breaks out me out. I've finally controlled my acne. However, my face looks pretty dry and I want it to look silky smooth. The problem is, every moisterizer I have used breaks me out pretty badly. I don't know why! Any suggestions?
  4. Thats awesome! Follow up with us in a month or so we can see the more long term results.
  5. Ebay or Perfectcomplexion.net
  6. Where can I get this stuff?
  7. To me it seems logical that one Dr. can perform this better than another. It's like surgery; there are definitely doctors who are better surgeons than others. If I had to choose, I would save up my money and go with the doctor that has proven credentials. This is because : a) I don't want to waste my time with a lousy doctor b) I don't want to waste money that could have gone towards a better doctor c) I want it done right the first time, instead of going through a headache So if you're l
  8. Are you using anything on your skin? If so, what are you using? AS a face wash I am using Dessert Essence Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil. As a spot treatment, Im using Salycilic acid drops and ACV. THey get rid of the pimples but I have red marks that won't go away. I will try that. I just hope they know what they're doing and dont try to cheat me.
  9. I have had redmarks on my cheeks for around 2 years. They don't seem to want to go away. What is the best laser treatement for this? I don't care what it costs, I have the money, but I dont want to waste my time or my money. What, in your opinion, works the best to rid of redmarks?
  10. I now figured out one of the key components to me breaking out : cetaphil moisterizer. I stopped using it for 1 month and after 2 weeks my face was clearing up, and I wasnt getting any new pimples. I started using it again and am breaking out all over my forehead and cheeks..AGAIN. God damnit! However, my skin is flakey and dry so I NEED a moisterizer. Which one do you recommend? I tried Jojoba oil and I think that broke me out too.