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  1. Angel? Are you the poster from New York? Just wondering, correct me if I'm wrong. If you are, it'd be so cool if you could join the NY support group meeting that's happening this Sunday... anyway, let me know! Peace.
  2. Lydia you cutie! With that smile you ought to be able to hold your head up without relying on makeup... Unfortunately I know exactly what you're talking about. I still rely on makeup because 1) the red marks fade so slowly, and 2) I know how much better I look with makeup than without... and I'm a perfectionist. Though when the marks finally disappear I'd love to go without it and let the summer sun turn me brown as a nut! So.. yes I'm far too reliant on it still, though it's improved. I use
  3. For me makeup is about extremes. In good lighting conditions makeup can make you look faaaabulous. In bad lighting situations having makeup on can very possible make you look worse. The latter is usually the case with wearing powder over textured skin. An addiction to makeup is not healthy for you or your skin. It's a burden. Do your best to get rid of acne and red spots and achieve even skin tone. In the meantime I use bobbi brown's moisture rich foundation and I haven't yet found anyth
  4. Well there's always gene therapy if indeed it is genetic. But that opens a whole nother can of ethical worms.
  5. The pic of that soap looks just like the seabuckthorn soap I have by facedoctor. Except mine is an off-white color, not a glowing peach. Bit it's got the same thing inscribed on it.
  6. I totally agree with what AcneFighter said in his last post. If Leo Kiesen wanted to "give out" everything he's learned for free, he would've done so.
  7. Has anyone tried this? http://www.natural-acne-treatments.com/the...cure-index.html I bought his e-manual ($40 w/discount) and it has some very helpful information with regard to keeping one's body in optimum health. It isn't all completely new information, and some of his recommendations have been already brought up by members here, such as the liver flush. But overall everything he recommends makes a lot of sense together, and it has been a very useful guide for me in terms of readjusti
  8. Cow's milk is known to be very difficult for the human body to digest. Maybe breakouts are a result of stressing one's gastrointestinal tract too much with "unnatural" foods. Goat's milk (unpasteurized) is closer in chemical makeup to human milk. Also, pasteurization destroys the healthy bacteria in raw milk that cleanse your GI tract.
  9. To be more specific: How many people do you actually know who have a real acne problem? Not the rare zit once in a while, but a chronic skin problem. I know 2 people besides me at my school (which is a small school). One other person I know who's graduated from that school. I can remember a couple other people I've seen on the subway, but they are strangers I've never talked to. I would number those people as maybe 10? 15 at the most since last summer. This is in my immediate vicini
  10. ^How's that working for you, June? That brand is quite top-of-the-line. Did you get it at Sephora?
  11. Baking soda and vinegar is a classic recipe for unclogging drains, and drains are often clogged with greasy dead skin cells and hair. Haven't tried it on my skin yet. The combination makes a big fizz.
  12. It's been five days since I've been using supercop and exfol cream. I apply the exfol in the morning and the supercop at night. The exfol cream is a GREAT moisterizer. You can feel it hydrating the skin instantly. The makeup goes on really well on top of it. It is also an incredible exfoliator. Dead skin comes off in scabs in some places (like where there used to be a zit). The supercop SEEMS like it's doing something, because it always stings when I put it on. That said, today my scars
  13. Tonight I'm applying Supercop for the second time. I applied exfol cream this morning for the second time. My skin seemed pretty hydrated when I checked it after waking up, but that's not unusual. I washed my face as usual and did the tape exfoliation method. It seemed a LOT more dead skin was coming off than usual-- but that could be because I haven't taped so thoroughly in a while. The real surprise came when I applied the exfol cream and put makeup on top of that. My skin took the makeup real