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  1. uhhh I think accutane is a little excessive for your case. I wouldn't choose that route yet until you gave the regimen a try. I had much worse acne than yours and the regimen worked wonders.. I swear, sometimes I really dont think dermatologists know a damn thing..
  2. How do you keep the treatment from balling up when applying the moisturizer if you have facial hair? I'm not talking like a full beard but when I have about 3 days worth of stubble the stuff balls up and dries into white flakes (it sucks cuz I like keeping some stubble on some days). I was wondering if any of u dudes have had this problem in the past and what you did to prevent it (other than shaving). I was thinking of buying the jojoba oil to see if that helps but I dont really want to add
  3. my skin used to be extremely dry.. then i found CeraVe moisturizer. It quickly moisturizes my skin and works allll day. My face tends to get a little greasy with any moisturizer I use so when I find time i just dab my face with a towel and its all good, but its not always necessary. You can find it at CVS. I use the CeraVe facial cleanser too.
  4. Avoid the creases of your nose? I use differin .3 and i apply it all over my face, including my entire nose. Where exactly are the creases of your nose; like around your nostrils? I wonder why the reason for that is, just dryness?
  5. I've used neutrogena power scrub while on differin .3 for months now but I changed to the power wash instead today. I thought the wash may be a little more sensitive and reduce the number of breakouts I've been having as opposed to the rough micro beads in the scrub that help exoliate. Has anyone heard whether or not a scrub is bad while on differin?
  6. Yeah thats what I am hoping.. I visit my derm tomorrow so hopefully he has good news for me regarding the issue.. the problem is my skin wont stop shedding so I am trying to calm that down with aloe vera and other moisturizers, I think thats whats causing me to break out so hopefully that goes away soon
  7. I've been using differin .3 for 7 months with pretty good results but this past Sunday night I decided to start tazorac up again (maybe to find better results). I instantly started breaking out but I decided to put it on Monday night as well. I wake up in the morning to more breakouts so I decided to hell with that I'm sticking with differin. The problem is I am still flaking and breaking out more than usual.. is there anyway I screwed things up by using the tazorac for TWO DAYS? Its hard t
  8. i stopped using bp last week cuz i was real clear and thought why not, itll take away the majority of my dry skin problems.. and this week i broke out like crazyyyy so im back on bp =)
  9. wow clean and clear dual action burns like hellllll... my acne was actually improving on the cetaphil still so maybe it was just a freak breakout.. we'll see.
  10. yeah.. my friend has good luck with clean and clear dual action so im gonna try that, ud think if cetaphil cleanser didnt break me out that the moisturizer wouldnt either? hmm... but ill try this other stuff to see how it works out... like its weird.. im getting all these white heads and those stopped a while ago? is that a sure sign that is clogging my pores?
  11. I dont know whats happening, the gel was working wonders and then WHAMMY! Seriously, I'm broke out everywhere and I have no idea what the cause of it is... the things i did last week differently (last week was completely clear) were switch from Cetaphil face cleanser to Cetaphil moisturizer (dropped cleanser?) and drank a little more alcohol than usual... other than that everything is the same... however, on a lighter note, my back is clearing better than before.. hmm. Anyone experience such a
  12. Yeah.. it seems like its calmed back down again so thats good.. I hate the feeling that you get when you think "wow, i came all this way for it to go back to the way it was before"
  13. bumpppppp...seriously.. ive been breaking out for the past 5 days.. in places i thought were already done breaking out... only have about 2 weeeks left in treatment, any thoughts?
  14. Everything has been clearing up very well and I'm around the 10th or so week.. but in the past 5 days I have been breaking out? I dont know what may have caused it because I have been doing the same thing I have been doing for the past 10 weeks.. Also, a few of my glands are enlarged so I don't know what that means.. Any thoughts?
  15. my derm wouldnt prescribe finacea to me - - said bp is better while on an antibiotic cuz they work together somehow