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  1. Probably post acne marks. Take a long time to go away even when treated.
  2. DON"T GET PROACTIVE. I GOT IT RECENTLY. It helped the first month but hell the rest. The only thing that is kinda working is the proactive refining mask. Stick to normal BPs
  3. DAY 27 APRIL 29th We've been doing renovations on the bathroom, didn't really know where the cotton pads one till today. Face broke out along the jawline and a bit on my cheeks because I sorta kinda stopped. Mom wouldn't get off my back and wouldn't shutup and told me to use proactive since my brother cleared up fully with it. So I did my first treatment with Proactive just today, I had to skip Step number 2 because my brother used the toner all the way up. Beginning of the first week of May sh
  4. I put on bp on a upcoming pimple that was gonna be on my nose. I felt it coming, I stopped that bastard in it's tracks. The beginning of this school year I got a pimple right on the tip of my nose. A big red one...I never want to experience that again.
  5. Yeah during high school (current) I go to sleep at about 1:00 AM and waking up at 6:00AM. I think I'll try going to sleep at 10pm starting tomorrow and waking up at 6 to 6:30. I'll start that tomorrow and test that out for a WHOLE entire month. I'll see if my skin gets better along with my acnefree regiment
  6. Keep on it. On every new regime your going to have a purging stage for maby the first 2 weeks until you start seeing real results. Keep on it.
  7. lol it's funny. Why the heck do they have fluorescent lighting in schools? That's the worst place.
  8. This will totally build my confidence when I perform street magc in vegas
  9. Day 17 APRIL 19th SO FAR SO GOOD!! I'm liking the tone on my face from what it was before. The 1st day I had nothing to lose, Pimples were inflamed and red and now I have a normal tone with a ton less pimples. Scars of course from the bp but they are not that red. I can bet it is the 1.0 percent SA that is in the 10 percent Bp of the blackhead terminator...which is great! One thing did happen today, it's fine now. The healing up pimple that was a 2 fingers width from the right of my nose got
  10. Yep, after the purging period it's time to celebrate
  11. I don't have any irritation, I rubbed it all over my face. Even without moistrizer. It has a very light sting, for 10 minutes and the sting goes away. And after 20 or so minutes my face feels fine. I think my skin is fine with high levels of BP and it won't irritate it.
  12. Day 15, APRIL 17th sorry I've been off guys BASICALLY I can say this is my first week since I really wasn't using Acnefree properly by waiting for the toner to dry but I'll just keep going to say it's my 2nd week. So, Yesterday I started back on the terminator from acnefree. It kicks butt. Helps me a bit. I'm thinking about going to Neutrogena or Clearasil On the Spots . I hear that 10 percent BP isn't as effect as 2.5 percent. So after a few more uses when I can go to the store I will grab nu
  13. I usually try to look away when they talk about acne or act like I don't hear them. My face gets really red from anger, and I feel like I'm going to cry. I'm a hobbiest magician, it is kind of hard if your performing an effect like moving a seal to the other side of a bill and all they seem to look at is your face.
  14. DON"T STOP USING BP!! Alright when I first started using BP Clearasil on the spot I wasn't use to it. I had the exact same reaction. EVEN IF I PUT A little widdle dab!!! HIGH SUGGESTION HERE!! Use BP in the summer. Purchase a moisturizer so like 10 minutes after you put it on your face will feel a bit better. It takes a little getting use to. Took me a month or so to actually get used to BP so that I would not peel or feel like a sunburnt mofo. And make sure to get a 2.5 percent bp