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  1. Hey, sorry if it feels like im bothering you, but I never got a response from the very last e-mail I sent you. Please, I would like to get this dealt with asap because its been 2 weeks since i've been off of any acne treatment and my old acne is starting to break out. Thanks!
  2. Ugh! Thanks, turns out apparently it was Fed Ex shipping and they claim to have mailed it to me 2 weeks ago...still disputing it
  3. If you like the 2.5% BP repairing lotion from Proactiv so much, then you should look on ebay and I believe you might be able to find people on there who sell that product just by itself. I switched from Proactiv to DKR's, and the only thing I don't like about the DKR is that it makes my face look really really red.
  4. Hello, This is my second time ordering from acne.org, I placed an order on March 18 using the slowest shipping method (I believe it was the 3-14 days shipping), I ordered (1) Cleansor and (2) BP Gels, I still have not received my shipment and when I check on the tracking number that I recieved, it always says "Delivery Status not available at this time via the web." Should I be worried and need to contact someone? The first time I ordered I had no problems whatsoever... Also, I used the slowes
  5. I started ACV 2 days ago, and today when I was taking it, I almost threw up...I got all this salty spit in my mouth, i think im going to stop, or try to mix it with some other liquid (im currently mixing it with water). The smell is so strong, the taste is terrible, it tastes like a really nasty and extremley sour pickle. YUCK!!!
  6. I use DKR's Cleansor and DKR's BP, with Cetaphil to moisturize. I watched and studied the videos like it was my religion and done it exactly like on the videos. I try and be as gentle to my skin as possible...
  7. Hello all, ive been using DKR for the past 3 days and its going well. Acne is starting to decrease, but my only problem is my face is turning a little red. My face doesnt feel like its burning at all. It looks like I just got back from the beach or something and got a small tan... Any advice??
  8. Yeah, thanks , when DKR's comes in on Wednesday Ill be even happier!!
  9. Thanx everyone for the replys, I hope it does work out well. Ive also changed my diet recently so hopefully it will all come out good. You guys are so nice , i like it here!!
  10. Hi Everyone, im new to this site and would appreciate your guys opinions. Ive struggled with acne since I was about 15 and the part that I hate the most is the redness around my nose, and that my acne would go away for a lil bit and come back in full force. Ive had acne for a long time and tried many different things, and ive just ordered Dan's Regimen and hope that this will be the key. I would appreciate your guys any further input on my problem and ive included a pic (sorry for it being so ug