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  1. after te first smoothbeam session, how long does it take to notice less oil production? thanks
  2. hi, when do you notice less oil after a smoothbeam treatemnet? does it also help prevent acne or just get rod of existing acne?
  3. hi. i was wondering when do you notice less oil with the smoothbeam after the treatment, i know it must take a while for it to travel to the surface? also , does smoothbeam help prevent the pore form getting clogged too, or just get rid of existing acne? thanks
  4. hi. after a smoothbeam when do you notice less oil being produced. i know it must take sometime for the less oil to travel to the surface.
  5. does the smoothbeam dry your skin out, like accutane? do you know the % reduction in oil production? how long does it take the oil to come back completely?
  6. does the smoothbeam dry the skin out like accutane? how long does the oil stay reduced? what % of reduction in oil prudction is there? thanbks
  7. did they say how long the clearlight will help for before the effcct wears off? also, what topicals did they say to use? thanks
  8. i got an email response from dr.seaton, which is one of the main docrotrs at hammerstein. he said that most patients need retreatment with the laser evrey 4 months. id ask more questions? maybe other lasers are better there is so many now
  9. did they say after hte 3 months the bacteria comes back the same? s. did they say if it is good to get a maintance treatemnt every so often? willis
  10. does eucerin renweal spf 15 effectively loosen dead skin so it xan be removed esay?
  11. i heard people say to usw te eucerin renewal but since it is sodium lactate not lactic acid does it help remove deadskin effectrively?
  12. how long is the red face phase, then where the skin stops getting clogged?