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  1. Should I moisturize after applying diacneal?And if so how long should I wait after I apply Diacneal on my face. EDIT: Also how much of Diacneal should I use? Pea size?
  2. So you're saying BP will treat blackheads and whiteheads? Can you explain to me why is that?
  3. Last time I checked, whiteheads are non-inflamed acne. So in theory, the regimen can't help you.
  4. misspelled addresses still get delivered to the right place.
  5. Dan works hard to come out with products that people will like and Im sure he worked very hard on the design of the bottle. Dont tell him the new design sucks
  6. Well I'm not using BP currently. I'm not using anything on my face.
  7. Okay I just figured out that my clogged pores on the cheeks are whiteheads. But apparently these whiteheads are converting into small pustules. So BP could work.
  8. The new bottle looks like a little kid designed it.