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  1. Hey guys. The Accutane worked great... on my acne. My hair is falling out a lot though, I don't know if it's related. It's been 3 months since i finished the course and hair loss is persisting. I haven't seen anyone about it yet. But anyway, just thought I'd add some 'after' pics to help you guys decide whether to use Accutane. I'd say you should if you've tried everything else and it didn't work, or if you've just got it so severe there's only any point going straight to the tane. Thanks for
  2. Thanks ltmike, I'll check those out. Forgive an ignorant young man, but what's the difference between a cleanser and a moisturizer? Do I need both? What do I do with each? I've never needed these before Thanks Skurten, good to hear there's someone in the same boat as me
  3. I was perscribed Tetralysal and saw immediate results. It killed 95% of all my lesions and stopped any more appearing - leaving only the scarred redness to heal. This would normally take months but didn't get the chance to fully go away because my body adapted to the anti biotics and it all came back... this was about two months. However I don't know if it will work as well for you of course, seeing as how you've already done a course of anti biotics of a different type.
  4. Because I've hung around this forum for months, since my acne got bad, while I was considering Isotretinoin, and now that I've started I might start a blog here in the blog section if you all don't mind another one I have pics! I've had acne since I was 15 - now I'm 23. I tried so many things and thought I could avoid Isotretinoin but my derm gave me one look and said do it... I'd probably worry less if I didn't also have Ulcerative Colitis but I trust the nutcase (I probably shouldn't consid
  5. I know exactly what you mean. It's got to the point now where I brief my derm on exactly what's happened and have to run options by him that I've researched off my own back, as opposed to him briefing me! But I guess that's the NHS for you