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  1. Good Coverage for Light Breakouts/Sunspots

    I bought this to cover up the breakouts that happened after I made the mistake of using Revlon Colorstay foundation which totally broke my normally blemish-free face almost completely out. This foundation has been a life-saver as it has helped me cover the pseudo-scarring which has occurred on my skin and has not made my skin breakout more. I'm about 4 weeks into switching from the Revlon to switching to this and my skin has been clearing up quite a bit. Due to the terribleness of the Revlon Col
  2. CozySnow

    Made My Skin Breakout

    Made My Skin Breakout

    I used this product for a few weeks to cover up sun spots and even out my skin tone, however, my skin started to break out more and more with time. Eventually I had three large patches of breakouts on my face, which was alarming as I usually only get one blemish here or there. I'm about a week into going makeup-free and my skin has been clearing up. Be careful if you use this stuff; it may work for some people, but it definitely did more harm than good to my skin.