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  1. thank you, that is really good advice... Its almost like when i went in both of those times thats what i expected to do, however, even though it is tearing me up on the inside i have a really hard time expressing my emotions.. I just kind of take no like a sad puppy and mope my way out of the office.. I suppose maybe the third times a charm, thx for the replies, i'll keep everyone updated
  2. Alright after me first derm denied my request for accutane, so i tried to go to another one.. another denial... I don't have severe acne nor do i get many cysts, i would classify my acne a 6 on a scale of 1 to 10... My problem is i have TRIED everything and despite my acne not being horrible, it is nonetheless completely ruining my life... I don't know what to do anymore? Any advice? P.S. Medication wise i have worked my way up the ladder and then back down.. natural remedies all the w
  3. I recently got a new soap, Pan Oxyl 10, which is a white bar soap w/10% BP medication. Has anyone ever tried this before? I know 10% can be intense but i'm hoping since it is only on my skin for a shortened amount of time it will not have the same effects as a 10% gel would.. I follow it up with an aloe and chamole B5 moisturinsing toner just in case which i love n e way, im optimistic lol, any suggestions? comments?
  4. I've been using the dove bar soap for about two months now. It definitely hasn't cleared me but i do like it a lot. It is very gentle. The bar I have also is 1/4 moisturizing cream so i haven't found it to dry me out at all really... good stuff if you ask me
  5. I have asked my derm twice about accutane and he doesn't think that I need it. My acne is moderate, with about 15 active pimples at any one point, however usually four or five are cystic so my face looks quite awful. What are the likelihood another derm will give me the prescription? I have been through everything else so I don't know what else to do. I'm 19 and have been suffering ever since junior high. If you really want it do most derms give it to you are most a stickler like mine? Th
  6. I am curious about your comment about baking soda I have recently started using in with great optimism, but is too early to judge results. Why is it that it is one of the worst things you tried?? Thanks
  7. Toxic, i just started a regimen just like yours bascially, dove, baking soda, dip, except i throw some ACV on at the end w/some moisturizer. Very optimistic, will keep updated.
  8. great post but just thought i should point out your math is a little off... lol = )
  9. I currently take the multi vitamin Centrum Performance. As far as bang for your buck, I feel as if this is by far the best multi-vitamin. I know how helpful it can be to your body to get the proper vitamins, however, just this morning i realized that each tablet contained 100% of your daily serving of idodine. My question is how much of a significance can this play on acne. I am currently far from having clear skin and without going into too much details, just curious HOW MUCH affect this cou
  10. Hello all, this is my first post(!!) as I am very new to this site, but have recently spent a great deal of time reading throught the message boards. I am working on getting a new regimen together that i hope will work for me and plan to keep a log of it as well. A question I have is that people seem to get good to great results from both the asprin masks and the egg masks, would it be possible to combine the two? Have your egg white (and maybe yolk as well) in a bowl and then mix in the crus