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  1. scar zone did woners for me, my forehead had little 7 red marks bright red, and i would apply scarzone like every hour on the hour and they went away sooooooooo fast and my skin didn't break out at all actually it made my skin soooo soft and smooth and i think it actua;;y prevented acne.........just remember to use alot of it and massage into the skin for a few minutes..........very wonderful product!!!
  2. thanks so much, i think i'll try the complex 15, but is it oil free, and does it have spf in it?
  3. i was perscribed this last week, and i've been using the samples my derm gave me before actually blowing my money on crappy products, but....i like it so far, and i'm getting the perscription filled.....it's not drying at all....it can only be used once a day, my derm told me to use it at night but itself no moisturizer, but i use olay under my eyes for security purposes, but yeah here's so imfo about it.......let me know if anyone has tried it..... Ziana Facts: Like many other acne medication
  4. I was persrcibed that this past monday, and my derm told me to use it during the day under makeup, but i just CAN"T, it's to drying, and do you know how hard it is to put powder makeup on over dry skin, very ugly mess...
  5. Pale is so so pretty....i hate that fried orange fake tan look.......i have fair skin and blonde hair, but i'm always wanting to be paler...hee*
  6. i've had that ever since i took minocylne(sp) 3 months ago.......and it's very annoying, but it's seems to get worse around that time of the month.....i honestly think it's a mixture of too many acne products and hormones...
  7. I hate them...they make your skin dry, peeling, flaky, dull, and ewh............much rather have my blemishes covered in lotions and shiny moisturizers.
  8. Alright, my skin isn't horribly bad, it just recently broke out about 4 months ago, and before that it was nearly perfect, *Tear*.....but i'm dealing with it in a very obsessive way.....sad but true.....I went to the dermatoloogist and she told me that i was using way to many products on my face....i was using: 1. dove soap 2. Nivea toner 3. olay sensitive skin moisturizer 4. neutrogena sensitive skin sunblock 30 yes alot i know. But my skin is not oily, and I would never think of not using any