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  1. 10th day on Accutane and I have noticed a few side effects: 1. My lips have been so dry like never before!! They will bleed when I start laughing or smiling. It hurts that much. My friends said they look like theyre recovering from stitches. May not be very noticeable on camera. 2. Constant joint pains. Its tolerable. 3. A few days ago I started itching ALL OVER my body. Other than that, Im fine. My face has become a little less oily especially in my tzone area. I have developed a fe
  2. Last week, after series of begging my parents, I finally went to another (most likely to be the last) dermatologist, hoping that she wouldn't say the same old; "you just need to get enough sleep, stop picking on your face bla bla bla" because Ive been told the same thing again and again and I have been suffering from severe acne for more than 3 years now. Tried heaps of medications from different dermatologists (topical and pills) which never worked on my acne. My acne hurts and it seems really
  3. I have been suffering a severe case of acne since I hit puberty, around 13 years of age. I have a very oily and sensitive skin. I get acnes around my cheek area and barely on my forehead. I had an oddly irregular period cycle throughout 2014/2015. I only had my period roughly about 5-6 times last year. I was a school athlete and was quite active in sports and I noticed that whenever I drink whey protein, more pimples (especially cystic acne) will appear all over my cheeks. I have excessive body