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  1. Hi everyone. I hate doing this but I’m kinda nervous. 

    Everytime I get a pimple on my forehead, after I pop it or whatever, a big, dry, red area pops up shortly after and seems to stay for a while. It’s ugly and sort of painful when I stretch my forehead in any way. I have used cetaphil, face masks, and neosporin throughout this week but it isn’t healing. What could this be? This has happened before, and I got a prescription from my doctor to apply to it but it always comes back...


  2. I'm getting little tiny zits/pimples (I think that's what they are) on my cheeks and forehead...and it's odd because it literally just started happening. I keep my face clean, it's very oily so I don't usually use any oils on it, but my skin used to be super clear (besides a red dot that's been on/in the skin on my nose for like a year now), so I was wondering what I could use to clear this up, or should I just keep my face clean and let t go away on its own? I'm going shopping this weekend so anything in drug stores would be great.