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  1. tayaroger

    love coconut

    love coconut

    I love coconut oil too. I got a giant tub and It has done wonders for DS's excezma prone skin. Very moisturizig without any chemicals to irritate skin. It's great head to toe. The only drawback, I wouldn't recemend using it during the day. It does take some time to absorb, and can stain clothes. But it's great at night.
  2. tayaroger



    I have been using an aspirin mask for the past 5 days and the results are truly wonderful. I have tried every product under the sun for my oily/acne prone skin and this is far and away the very best investment , not only is it dirt cheap-it works! I think the reason the previous reviewers didn't like it was because they used it with vinegar,which I think is way too harsh to mix with aspirin. After a bit of experimentation I've found that yoghurt is the best base, (vinegar, too drying) aloe vera
  3. tayaroger

    soooo good

    soooo good

    It fades acne scars and cold sore scars and it dries out spots and pimples this is better than BP or all the other expensive trash they try to market to us. BP and other harsh treatments always left my skin red and damaged. Thank the heavens for giving us calamine, truly, I am so grateful to have such a gentle but effective treatment. Spots wont disappear over night but with patience and regular application at night they will gently dry up leaving no scars or marks -which is amazing as I usuall