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  1. Age: 22 Weight: 140 Sex: Female Starting Dose: 40 mg How bad was your acne when you started accutane?: Moderate Did you take an antibiotic with accutane to combat any initial breakouts?: Nope When was the initial breakout?: About 5 days in How bad was the initial breakout?: Bad. All of the acne I had pre accutane dried up and I was looking great. Then I started getting cysts (Firsts ever) in places I have NEVER had pimples (Jaw line, neck). They are all healing though. I am soooo grateful I star
  2. I have been dealing with acne since freshman year in HS. Back then it was mild...and oh what I wouldn't give to have the skin I thought was so hideous...LOL! I have 2 children, and after each one it got worse. I started 40 mg a day on March 29th. After my 1st month I'll be going to 80mg a day for the remaining 5 months. Day 1 Awful... I can't even describe. Took my pill with dinner, and woke up in the wee hours with a massive headache. Ran to the bathroom and vomited for what seemed like a lif
  3. Who cares if he's flexing in the pic or not?? He's trying to show the acne on his back. Now if he didn't have any then it would be bizarre, but he clearly does.
  4. My acne is milder then yours, and my DR was all about accutane. I think it really depends on what you've tried, etc. My doc goes to accutane after everything else has been exhausted.
  5. LMAO I actually didn't even notice, I just saw your other post with the title "I'm a guy..." he he
  6. Well Dolph, you're also a boy so I don't believe it's quite as big a deal. I live on a tiny, very hot island and have such thick curly hair that when I walk outside I look like a poodle. I promise, it's no fun.
  7. Please tell me it gets better or I might be changing my mind! I took my 1st pill around 6:30 last night, with dinner (I am on one 40mg pill a day). I felt fine, went to bed @ my normal time. I woke up at 4 am with a really bad headache. I went downstairs to get some water and the nausea hit, I spent the next 1/2 hour throwing up. I took some tylenol (that is all we had on hand) and my headache subsided and I finally fell asleep again. I woke up again aroun 10 am and I still have a headache, just
  8. Is this OK to do while on Accutane? I've read accutane can effect your hair. I started Acc. today, and my appt for the hair thingy is April 28th. I've been looking forward to that almost as much as tane! Hope I can still do it
  9. You sure can get it. Obviously, if it posed a problem, they wouldn't give it to you I am a military wife, and just came from the base derm to get my 1st ever prescription. The waiting room for accutane was jam packed, and nearly ALL were Military men in uniform, Air Force, Marines, Navy & Army
  10. I have to register in my doctor's office, I guess it's standard with him. I'll be receiving my password in the mail, and I have to bring it with me the day I go get my prescription. I have to register in their office and take the little quiz thingy in front of them.
  11. Foxy..WHOA it doesn't really sound like your doc has his act together. Did he give you the IPledge book? (It's mandatory because it has 2 forms inside that have to be signed). Also, MAKE SURE he knows exactly what your 2 forms of BC are. On the day you get the prescription, you have to take a little quiz at the Dr.s office from Ipledge. It is online. You and your doctor have to SEPARATELY answer what your 2 forms of BC will be. If your answers are different you cannot pick up your prescription.
  12. I am soo excited right now. I finally had my dermatologist appt. today, and got registered. Woohoo! Now I just have to wait for my password. In 26 days I'm going in for my 12hr fasting blood test and pregnancy test, and in 30 days I can pick up my prescription. I can't wait to start my very own Accutane log, LOL!