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  1. I just bought some vitamin c powder and i was wondering what i should use it with. do you guys have any suggestions? thanks.
  2. Hi! well im starting to work out for the first time because im trying to gain weight/muscles i just bought some whey protein and i was wondering what i should use with it to make a shake. thanks for your help.
  3. Yah i bought some whey protein isolate microfiltered 2 days ago but i was thinking after im done with that i might buy some hemp protein powder. I weigh 130 pounds atm and im 5"11 my goal is to gain 10-15 pounds. thanks for the advice.
  4. I just bought some whey protein microfiltered maybe i should have got hemp instead...o well does anyone know where i can find good qaulity hemp seeds and protein powder?
  5. Im a really skinny guy and my friends tell me that eating peanut butter all the time would help me gain more weight. What kind of peanut butter would be good to eat alot of that wouldnt be so bad?
  6. Ive been wanting to buy some but im not sure which one to get im going to get it in liquid form. can u guys help me out?
  7. what kind f scars do u have? and what did u do use to flush out ur liver?
  8. has anyone tried them and seen results?
  9. I put it on at night then use jojoba oil as moisturiser then in the morning i wash it off.
  10. well today i washed the souffle off in the shower the waters usualy pretty hot when i take showers and when i got out of the shower i had about 15 - 20 little clogged pores that i didnt have before i took a shower. did this happen to u when u used your gliycolic product? or maybe its because the water was hot when i washed it off? i really dont know do u think i should keep using it im kinda scared im gonna breakout ):