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  1. I assume you are using neutrogena on the spot. I had the same problem with that stuff. Once I got dan's BP gel it stayed on much better.
  2. idk if it's good or bad as far as long term, but every summer i would swim alot and have extremely clear face when i had bad acne
  3. Yeah my skin burned & peeled like crazy at first. It was the cetaphil moisturizer reacting with the soap bar i used.
  4. I use oxy on the spot and its been working pretty good but doesn't really absorb too well for me so I'm thinking about giving dan's gel a try. (dan's gel is also cheaper)
  5. Basis bar stuff made my skin feel amazing but in like 3hrs my skin would peel and be really gross which sucked cuz u can't do much about that at school
  6. ha i definately do that I just get on a roll and can't stop
  7. Thanks for all your help. It was the soap. I got cetaphil gentle cleanser and feel way better. I was using the full amount of bp too so that might've been some of the problem, but I think my face is used to it now. Thanks Again
  8. I'm using the finger amount like he said in the video and also would it be a bad thing to just skip the bp for a night? I got a basketball game tomorrow and don't want to look like a tomato but also don't want a zit on my face. p.s. thanks for the quick replies
  9. Ok I've been on the DKR for 5days and I know it said my face is gonna be red and itch and stuff but It's getting really bad and I just wanna know how bad is too bad. Should I slow down the bp? I'm using: -- As far as my acne goes, my face is looking better and complexion is good other then I look like I'm sunburned. I haven't gotten a zit since I started and my skin feels really clean (it just burrnnnss)