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  1. DAY 10 I believe I'm having an initial breakout........... Side effects: same
  2. DAY 9 Face is getting really dry, even with Cetaphil..... and lips REALLY dry.... Side effects: same
  3. DAY 8 Well, right side of face is actually almost totally clear, and the left side its just down by my chin/mouth. When I bend over for like 2 minutes while brushing my teeth when I come back up my lower back hurts a lot... I have to SLOWLY straighten out my lower back, is this normal? Side effects: Dry lips, skin, nose, eyes. lower back pain.
  4. DAY 7 1 week down! I woke up this morning with almost NO OIL ON MY FACE! So exciting, looks like its actually working, I havn't had much oil on my face all day! White heads are slowing down a little and starting to settle down. Side effects: Dry skin, lips, nose, eyes, soar lower back.
  5. DAY 6 Gett white heads super fast and their multiplying real quick. Realy soar back when I bend over for like 2 minutes to brush my teeth, I come back and and I have to move slow to straighten my back out as my lower back hurts. Side effects: Dry Lips, dry eyes, dry nose, dry skin, back is soar.
  6. DAY 5 Well, so far so good, pimples slightly going down. My nose is REAL smooth and my upper cheeks are really nice and clear. Just breaking out on chin and sides of mouth. Side Effects: Dry lips, very soar back, dry skin, 1 nose bleed
  7. Day 4 Well, face seems to be looking a little better, got a pimple on my forehead right above my eye brow still and got another one today on my chin. The oil on my face seems to be thinner and not as thick. Side Effects: Dry Lips, little soar in back in shoulders, and a slight headache.
  8. DAY 3 I woke up this morning with not near as much oil on my face as I usually do, and my face is atcually looking a little better. The zit above my eyebrow is still there Side Effects: Dry lips, back and shoulders are soar.
  9. DAY 2 Well, its day two, and not much to report yet. Got a small pimple right over my right eyebrow, hopefully it goes away soon! Side Effects: lips are a LITTLE dry.
  10. DAY 1 Took my very first pill at lunch, need to take two more with dinner. I got Amnesteem as my brand, is that good? Feeling great and going to the Florida State Fair tonight to celebrate! Side Effects: Well I certainly hope I have none after taking the first pill 20 minutes ago.
  11. My names Daniel, I'm 18, and I'm a senior in high school. After countless months of doxycycline and minocycline, I have finally gotten blood labs and papers done for accutane. I start tomorrow at noon when I can pick up my prescription. Dosage: (3) 20mg a day Morning: (1) 20mg pill with breakfast Night: (2) 20mg pills with dinner TOTAL: 60mg a day My main problem is the oil on my face, I have to blot it off a couple times an hour and its unbelieveble how much my face produces. I eat health an