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  1. The Division Bell GOttta dig deep, turn your chest into a thuderbolt LordJah don't come to down ya! Maybe you should be boosting up the hype on the first day so you never have to look back and wonder what could happen, instead you could see results happening LordJah has mercy
  2. Do we keep our eyes focused on our destination???? Soul ready for the fight??? It's been a long time since I've been back back here on the Acnation, and I'm just like everyone here going through times of change in times of need. I've made it too easy to excuse everything I do as acceptable. I can no longer Excuse my life today on the pretense of my past. Anyone feel me??? It's Time for change, its time to not lose sight of our dreams n goals What will our world then see??? A land of sor
  3. Its been a while since Ive graced the presence of acne.org, jk im not concieted, but hey ive lived and learned a lot since then, so come join me and maybe we can all learn something about ourselves and the world we live in. First off Im now 19, and ive struggled with acne for about 5+ years, and i can honestly say, I LOVE ACNE, I LOVE IT, please GOD please give me more, cover me with leoprosy. JK Im sick and tired of being sick and tired, acne isn't just a few bumps, its a lifestyle, its a min
  4. What is life??? A bittersweet symphony, ups downs, you live and your learn, you crash and you burn. Death is another part of life, this is for the paraplegic people dreaming of running. Decide. WHat you want with your life, decide what makes you happy, decide what you want out of life. Look. At yourself, who you've become, and how you've gotten there. Visualize. I think that the road to life is going to have a few twists n turns, all that matters is your progressing, even if you feel at your
  5. Anything of Eckhart Tolles is good in my book. (no pun intended) I've read The Power of Now and it has changed my life, im definately going to check out ANE. Thanks for posting. Knowledge in action is power
  6. Were you referring to the birthday comment? WAIT, THANKS, WHAT? That's the most logical reaction I can imagine to such a phrase, LOL

  7. OP Angel is a great song and John Mayer is good. When i feel down, Pink FLoyd usually does it for me. But my favorites are probably Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd or Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. Smoker friendly deep tunes. N Lately i've been getting into some Kai Tracid and Slightly Stoopid. Heres some songs to check out, tell me what you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH2FFe3_i1g...feature=related
  8. The land of confusion, mos def.

    Anyway the picture was done by this cool laid back new age hippie(Alex Grey) that does art work for bands like TooL.

    Pink FLoyd whispers softly spoken magic spells. (Maybe you've heard Time?) Words are code, words express reality.

  9. hello. I like your avatar and nikname :)

  10. No ill will, someone said that to me, and i thought thanks, wait, what?

  11. I understand this is now a belated birthday comment, but Happy freakin Bday to you as well! I honestly forgot my own birthday. My family finally reminded me half way through the day, how charming.

  12. I once taught myself a lesson and smoked a half a pack in one setting. Then again i just came inside from burning a 7 minute death stick I digress