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  1. 100% Jamaican right here! I love reggae I grew up on it. I also like dacne hall, soca, calypso, reggaeton, and other West Indian styles. I don't care if no one else likes it, it's for us by us.
  2. http://www.healingdaily.com/liver-detoxifi...liver-flush.htm It will help in clearing you body of toxins so that you liver can get back into great working order so that toxin exspelsion from the skin is not needed. Kidney and colon cleanse is also recomended.
  3. http://www.evansgarden.com/cleansing.html http://www.naturallydirect.net/liver-detox.htm Go to your local health store and ask about on which they would recommend. I am planning to do a liver cleanse to.
  4. I don't put alot of SA and BP, that was the past and a bad mistake too ←
  5. This drug is most likely going to cost and arm and a leg and it no doubt will have dangerous side effects like every drug they try to sell us. We shouldn't be waiting for this drug what we should be doing is building up our immune system so it can fight off these bacteria’s on it own.
  6. The FDA seem pretty happy with it, last time I checked. The only changes they've made over the years is warnings not to use it if you're going out in the sun (it tends to cause peeling, and that sensitises the skin to sun damage.) Going out in the sun tends to kill P.Acnes anyway, so you shouldn't need it on those days. ←
  7. The thing with BP is that it has so many side effects and you have to use more and more as you go along you will end up look like and old lady if you use it for to long. There are other ways to get clear skin if tell me if you want me to PM you some info or PM me cause I would love to help you.
  8. I don't see how putting all that SA and BP on your skin is gentle.