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  1. I've discovered that when my skin is dry, it's usually because of my before-bed routine. Make sure you put a good moisturizer on before going to bed. I actually put on a good skin revitalizer with DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid and then follow it up a few minutes later with Cetaphil moisturizer which has emollients and humectants that seal in moisture and keep the nutrients working on my skin longer. I've never found Cetaphil moisturizer to cause breakouts.
  2. Keep in mind all multivitamins are not created equal. I use a high quality and very potent liquid multivitamin called Eniva Vibe. You can google it. I've used some of the recommended supplements in Dr Perricone's books (Alphp Lipoic Acid, DMAE, Fish Oil) and definitely found those to help. I also take Taurine which has a major thread on this forum.
  3. well...you said you started working out so that is something you are doing differently. I've always noticed that working out (especially lifting weights) has made my acne worse.
  4. I was having very bad acne on both temples for a few months. They were deep and painful and I would get 1 or 2 new ones on each side every day. I was using Jojoba oil in my hair (guys, you should try it) but I was using way too much. I think the temples are already sensitive to breakouts for some reason but the combination with the oil and long hair is what I believe was causing it. I started only using 2-3 drops of oil in my hair and the temple drastically improved. And just a few days ago I
  5. I use products from a company called Eniva. They have formulated many different vitamins iusing a proprietary liquid delivery system that is easily assimilated into your body. You can just google Eniva for more info. They have B complex product among others.
  6. I know... a face brush sounds very irritating and like it would make you break out. My wife works for a dermatologist and got one of these. I read some reviews on Amazon and most people have great things to say about it and many of them are acne sufferers. My wife and I are 25 and have what seems to be mild hormonal acne. So we are going to try it and see how it works. You can read about it at http://www.clarisonic.com. That is obviously biased but read the customer reviews on Amazon. I'm
  7. What's with these spots and why are they so prone to acne? Temple & Sides of Chin I'm dealing with these spots now and the rest of my face is relatively clear. Also, if you look around, you'll notice a lot of people have scarring or red marks around their temples from acne even if they have otherwise perfect skin. Anyone have any information or ideas on this? and don't tell me its because these areas are touched more because I really don't think that's it
  8. Well...it's been 3 weeks now and still going well. I've eliminated other moisturizers from my routine so my routine is simply 1-2 drops of jojobo oil in the morning after using toner on my face (no washing in the morning). Then I shower at night and use a Eucerin cleanser then put on jojoba oil and rinse before getting out of the shower. That keeps your skin from drying out after getting out of the shower. Then I put on 4 drops of jojoba before going to bed. I've hardly gotten any new pimples i
  9. whats your skin type? oily, combination, or dry? Do you get blackheads? Do you have enlarged pores, clogged pores, or prone to non-inflamed acne?
  10. It's been about 10 days now and it's going well. I actually got a few small pimpls on areas that I realized I wasn't getting enough jojoba oil (very top of my jaw on both sides) so I'm making sure to spread it evenly all over my face. Overall, my face is looking good. I've had no dryness and the overall tone is very even. Old breakouts and spots are fading. I haven't had any breakouts that some people describe when starting jojoba oil. I'm thinking jojoba oil is going to be a great help to my
  11. I think he works for Jojoba Inc. I've been using jojoba oil myself for about a week now and love it. I've seen some major improvement in my complexion and my face hasn't felt dry at all. I'm using about 3 drops at night and only 1 in the morning. It has made my face a little shiny during the day so I'll probably stop using it in the morning after a month or so.
  12. a little update... It's been about 5 days since I started and I'm pretty impressed with the results. I had a few areas that were active with pimple and those areas did seem to get slightly worse the first day using Jojoba. (may have been unrelated) Apart from those areas I haven't had 1 new spot all over my face since using jojoba and the overall tone of my face is very good and my face hasn't felt dry at all. I shaved last night and it was one of the easiest shaves I've ever had. I'm not sur
  13. I've decided to put Jojoba oil to the test after reading so much good stuff about it on this board. I have moderate acne. I don't have a lot but the ones I have usually big and annoying. My skin is really senstive and dry when I get out of the shower. I don't wash it in the morning to keep it from getting really dry. I started putting on jojoba oil in the shower at night after washing and rinsing it quick with cold water. I also mix a few drops with Cetaphil mositurizer at night and Neutrogen
  14. I was taking Doxy for 2 1/2 weeks and started to have trouble concentrating and blurry vision. I had some other symptoms too like headaches, earaches, and cold-sensitive gums. I also noticed I was getting EXTREMELY fatigued during sports activities. I stopped taking Doxy about 12 days ago and starting to feel normal again. The symptoms persisted for about 10 days after getting off it.
  15. Yeah, my doctor said it could be a side effect. I stopped taking it 6 days ago but still feeling the effects. Weird stuff... dizzy, disorientated, trouble focusing, sensitive gums (hurts when i drink something cold). I'm not sure how long side effects are supposed to last after antibiotics are stopeed but I guess I will see if they fade the longer I'm off the medication. Anyone else experience side effects like this on Doxy? I did find testimonials of similar things online and even something