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  1. For me the food to acne connection is absolutely true but I also know that this definitely does not apply to everyone. Many people do not have this food to skin sensitivity so they could eat whatever they like without ever getting acne. Not me. I know this for a fact because I had breakouts for years not believing in this connection, when I took food into consideration and started knowing every single food that entered my system on a daily basis I found out exactly which food caused the acne and
  2. From my past personal struggles with acne this is my view. Facial acne is an indication that a person's facial skin is weak fighting against harmful skin bacteria. One develops weak facial skin when s/he is eating something that the body considers harmful. The skin immune system weakens and acne is then easy to form. Topical acne products don't solve the root cause. I suffered acne from eating monosodium glutamate (MSG) flavor enhancers. I also suffered from eating eggs for some reason. Thes
  3. I used to suffer a lot from acne and I was down that road where I just wanted to give up feeling totally helpless. However I had one belief that is not universally agreed upon and that is it is due to my food intake. Some kind of food that I was consistently taking was causing my face to respond negatively by creating acne. If my body could talk it would have said "please stop eating this food!" but alas it couldn't so it could only tell me by creating acne. For a long time I couldn't identify w