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  1. When I moisturize my entire face, I tend to break out. My skin still gets dry, but I only apply the smallest amounts of moisturizer to the parts that are dry. It may just be the moisturizer I'm using (CVS brand of Cetephil) that is breaking me out.
  2. yeah, if you smoke green tea, it gets you high. i think it has similar effects to mary jane.
  3. My face is completely clear now, but the other day, i noticed that i have a huge zit inside my earlobe. It is not noticeable, but very painful to touch. I am very tempted to pop this because i can feel like the entire pimple in my earlobe. it's such a weird feeling haha. Has anyone had these before, and what causes it?
  4. proactiv sucks balls. try this http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=136298 or dkr
  5. i figured getting my hair cut would solve everything. i liked my old hair, and cutting it did nothing. i'm clear now though thanks to this site
  6. WTF that is digusting, are you seriously thinking of doing that?
  7. Dan Kern says that you should clear up in several weeks, as most people do. But, within like 3 days of being on the regimen, I have not had one breakout. It has now been close to about 2 weeks, and still no break out! Has anyone else had such fast results? And, has anyone in this forum had good sucess with the tape method for red marks? Now that my acne has basically vanished, I noticed that i have a lot of redmarks all on the side of my right cheek.
  8. you guys should try eating the puss. yummm. lol i'm joking, that would be mildly disgusting.
  9. i use a mask of egg white and a little bit of lemon juice. leave that on for 10 mins, it's fading my red spots quite well
  10. pro activ didn't help me at all. what i do is wash my face with normal ivory soap, add a pinch or two of baking soda, wash off my face, use the proactiv lotion (2.5 %bp) but make sure you load it on, like one finger full. after that mousturize. sometimes at night i put on an egg white mask to get rid of red marks, take the whites of an egg, and add a bit of lemon juice. leave it on for 10 mins i have been doing the baking soda thing for about a month, and added the bp to it about 2 weeks ago
  11. I don't use the baking soda as a mask, rather a scrub. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  12. Yes, I have tried Proactiv, and Nature's Cure. Both only worked for about a month. But, I want to stay towards the natural way of healing my acne. I want to aim my regime towards Bob Mckee's regime.