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  1. millia is open comedones, or whiteheads. blackheads ae closed comedones
  2. millia can go away, if your not touching them. also try to extract the correct way so that scarring doesn't occur.
  3. blackheads can be taking care of, all you have to do is exfoliate.
  4. its great that you are sharing your input, it lets other people know about bp
  5. jojoba oil is great but can be comedogenic at times. You need to exfoliate to get rid of the corneocytes. There will be less flakiness to your skin. Also i know you dust on the minerals. maybe your dusting on to much or maybe you just need to rub it in. you should try a dove deep moisture facial lotion, it will help with the dry areas.
  6. What do you use to wash your face with??? if the face wash is to drying for your skin, you are striping the natural oils causing the excessive sebum production. It would be wise to invest in a facial soap that meets your needs. Also look for a waterbase moisturizing lotion for your face.