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  1. Cumulative dosage is what will impact the overall results of Isotretinoin. Your Dermatologist should prescribe a cumulative dosage goal proportional to your weight. Make sure you take Isotretinoin with food that contains fat such as peanut butter to optimize absorption of the drug. Your results will not be as good if you fail to do so. I would not discuss raising the dosage if I were you because adverse effects become more probable at higher dosages. If you are unhappy with your results by the e
  2. Women need to be on two forms of birth control while taking Isotretinoin because the drug causes severe birth defects to fetuses in the womb exposed to the drug. Women need to have a negative pregnancy test before they can fill their first prescription, each month during their treatment, and one month after stopping treatment. Women must also be registered for the iPledge system by their Dermatologist and are required to answer questions on the website periodically. All Isotretinoin users need t
  3. I am on my final month of Isotretinoin and the only dermatological imperfections that remain are red marks from prior acne lesions and minor scarring. For me, the prospect of clear skin was worth the risk of side effects. The way I see it, Dermatologists would not be prescribing the drug if the side effects were both severe, permanent, and commonplace. I would definitely take it again if my acne starts to return. I have been taking 60 mg a day for 5 months. I hope this anecdote helps you make a
  4. You must disclose to your Dermatologist that you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. If your Dermatologists deems your acne severe enough to warrant Isotretinoin, they will work with your psychiatrist to ensure that your symptoms do not worsen during the course of your treatment.