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  1. I notice this too tbh, waking up after a night out drinking my scars are less red and my skin is paler.
  2. I had a bright red nose and cheeks while on my full dose of 70mg, I really hated it and thought I had developed rosacea and feared it may be a permanent side effect. After about 3 months on full dosage, my blood tests weren't too good and my derm reduced my dosage to 35mg, after about a week the redness went away. But my skin is still slightly pink in some areas , which I believe will disappear when I finish my course. So my advice would be to ask your derm to reduce your dosage and see how it
  3. I've been on 100mg a day for about 11 days now, if this fails I'm going on to accutane. Not sure if acne is clearing, but it's definately stopped the inflammation.
  4. It's hard to say...I'm also taking 7000iu of vitamin D3 with 100mg of zinc daily, along with the BP, although I am trying to cut down on that....my skins the best its been in months though..

  5. Hey, hows the Niacin from Holland and Barrett working out?...I was thinking of getting some myself...

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Right on. Stress less, feel good more! K Good post OP, I try to live by similar principles which have in turn helped clear my acne.
  8. I try not to spank my monkey as long as I can take it. I usually make it 7-10 days.......seems to be helping my acne......(touch wood). If I masturbate then eat something sugary....I'm screwed for a week.
  9. Any food containing sugar or those high in carbohydrates break me out. Even low GI fruits, e.g 1 apple will give me small whiteheads. I believe the fructose is to blame.
  10. I agree. I used spend most of my day just checking my face in the mirror, it'll drive you crazy, trust me lol. Look in the mirror in the morning when you're getting ready, then leave your other one at home! You'll feel much better about yourself.