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  1. Just wondering what you guys think this could possibly be... Basically, I get an intense itching sensation randomly on my face (usually on my cheeks), and it gets really red and ends up growing to the size of a dime. The redness and itching usually only last a few hours, and when I look close, I can see a tiny tiny little bump/pimple the size of a pinhead in the middle of the redness. Does anyone have any idea what this could possibly be??? I have been battling this for years now, and have tried
  2. Could it be the products you are using now? If you feel like its serious I would go to a GP. Although it sounds like irritation and you might need something to soothe it, like a really good moisturiser twice a day, morning and night. I strongly suggest Goats Milk Moisturiser to everyone, because I found it works so extremely well compared to all the products I have used. I actually don't use anything on my face because it gets so dry if I use any type of cleanser, even cerave which i have us
  3. I have already tried apple cider vinegar. Does anyone have any idea what this may be is more of my question. Would going to the Urgent Care and getting a random doctor to take a look at my face be of any help? Or would only a dermatologist know?
  4. do you think this is caused from dry skin? I have pretty dry skin, and I never moisturize, but I still don't really understand how that could cause these red itchy spots. Either way, would a moisturizer solve this?
  5. I have been dealing with a problem for the past 4 years now. Basically, at anytime during the day, or night, I will get a red, itchy spot on my face. It starts out as a small, red bump that slightly resembles a tiny pimple. But after a few minutes, it starts to really itch almost like a mosquito bite. It then gets red around the area and sticks out like a sore thumb. Now, sometimes the itching can be on and off for an entire day, and sometimes it will completely go away after a hours, but when i
  6. I would check out Every Man Jack. they have awesome products with no dyes, fragrances, parabens, pthalates, sodium chloride, or SLS. And they are very reasonably priced at like $6 a bottle. good luck
  7. I was thinking about trying the cleanser and moisturizer out, but a few bad ingredients are in there (sodium chloride for one) so I decided not to. I recommend the brand Every Man Jack. More of a natural line with absolutely awesome ingredients in all of their cleansers, moisturizers, shave cream, etc. They have products that use no dyes, fragrances, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, parabens, pthalates, sodium chloride, or just anything bad that can irritate or clog pores. And the products are abo
  8. i would like to if salicylic acid is more effective in face wash or lotion form? thanks
  9. http://www.drugs.com/mtm/hibiclens.html i dunno, this link says topically it can be used for acne too. i also read on a forum (not here) that a person asked his pharmacist if it would be safe to use twice a day for his acne and the pharmacist said yes. so im going to give it a go because ive heard nothing but good things and if surgeons use this stuff to stop bacterial infections it cant be too bad for the face.
  10. ive already used it once. i guess im going to use it morning and night and see how that goes. i hope this is good. ive had success with aqua glycolic but i just want to see if this works better because the reviews on it are great. plus i had really good success with bp, it was just really drying for me, so i think this cleanser might work well since it kills bacteria as good if not better than bp. anyways, if anyone has used this stuff feel free to tell me how it has worked for you. peace
  11. bro trust me just drink water. i never used to drank it until about 3 months ago and have never drank anything else since. not one glass of milk, not one pop. beleive me, you get used to the taste. water is essential, it is the only liquid your body needs, and its the best one for you. i suppose some herbal teas may not be bad, but nothing is better for you than water period. i suppose if you dont have like clean well water or anyting at your house than just get a water filter. add this to your
  12. like i said before, aqua glycolic cleanser is awesome. its at drugstore.com and u can find it at pretty much every walmart i believe too. besides that, drink water, no milk, no pop, no nothing. water is the best thing you can drink, and the only thing you need to drink. green tea is also good to, but water is free, and its vital. cutting out on pop can be hard at first, but i havent had a can in over 2 months now, and it has helped my skin be consistenly clearer. and that is coming from someone
  13. hey i just ordered the same adrenal glandulars you got joe. are they still helping your skin out?
  14. fine keep using it i dont care