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  1. Unlucky England!! Haha yeah okay thanks man. I'll have a look and do some research. Thank you for your response. I will complete research on this topic. I do have a healthy and balanced diet (As said above) I also exercise which is also great for the skin. Once again I will complete research and make a final judgment call. I'm currently still using the Regimen with alternative products suggested by Dan. Thank you.
  2. Wow thanks man, means a lot! i will give it a try. I am from Wales haha and you? I am going to Boadmasters in August... any tips n how to clean my face? i am only allowed to bring wet wipes. any specific wet wipes? i am allowed to bring moistoriser. and i love my coffee!!
  3. Thank you. It wouldn't be a problem it's just the fact that I live in the UK. The delivery and importation charges are through the roof. I just cannot afford it. Would it be possible for you to give me the BEST acne.org regimen alternatives? Thank you.
  4. Hi there. I need help :(. I live in the UK and just cannot afford to pay £110 on the acne.org 8oz regimen kit. (Product cost and delivery) excluding importation costs. (£15) my skin is taking ages to clear. I've been using alternatives as follows... Clenser- Olay face wash BP - Nuetrogena 2.5% on the spot Moistoriser - Cetaphil ive been doing this for 6 weeks only for the results to reflect negatively. I've never ever had acne on my cheeks and now I do. My face looks like a tomato. G
  5. I'd love too!! But it's just wayyyyy too much money. I live in the UK and it costs £47 on top for delivery. Plus you have to pay £15 importation fee. I just can't afford it. I just wish Dan had trade deals or a base set up in the UK.
  6. I cannot believe how much the products are to begin with and then you have to pay for delivery! and then importation costs!!!! this is so fustrating and unfair. Please set up a base in the UK Dan. Thanks.
  7. The acne.org regimen is sooooo expensive. Does anyone maybe have a dicount code I can use? Thanks, Cieran.
  8. Yes I guess that's true. Thanks! Thanks for the reply!! Yes I understand. I'm just a bit confused. What I usually do is wake up - complete regimen - train - wipe sweat off - relax - shower as well as completing the regiment for the second time. I'm thinking of doing egg white face masks twice a week but how do I schedule this? Thanks. Hi there! Thanks for the reply. I am definitely considering buying Dans BP. I live in Wales haha summer here is awful however we do get very sunny days.
  9. Hello! my names Cieran and I've been using the Acne.org Regiment for 5 weeks now and to be honest my face seems to be getting worse. I haven't been buying off the Acne.org website, I have been using alternatives as I can't afford items by Acne.org. I use, Olay refreshing cleansing gel - Clean&Clear moisturiser and Nuetrogena on the spot 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. I have never had acne on my cheeks until now. My face is extremely dry as the moisturiser does nothing!! And my skin continues to br