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  1. Haha thanks MaleVolent, I'm from wellington. Good luck! Let me know how it all goes. Thanks juls. Good luck with your dose of accutane. Keep me informed on how it all goes yeah? Chris
  2. Okay so I haven't posted here since May. I'm off accutane now, as of 2 weeks ago. So far so good. It is wearing out of my body, skin is still nice and semi-dry, my lips are no longer dry. I just hope now that it doesn't come back. I've still got redmarks - the good news is they are fading, I didn't get any new active acne for the last 2 and a half months on accutane --not one little spot. The marks will probably take a few months to fade the way I want them. I'm back using proactiv wash and
  3. Elsie, you've been on accutane about 7-8 weeks now, correct? For me, that was the peak time when I noticed my skin started getting really dry (in a GOOD way). I was on accutane for about four and a half months, 2 of those months were 60mg a day, the rest were mainly 40. just finished a few weeks ago. Hopefully that cyst clears up, I wouldn't use too much product while you're on accutane, just moisturizer and a very light cleanser. Hopefully from here on in you won't be getting any more active
  4. To those of you wondering whether or not to take accutane - just do it man. Seriously. I'm 18 and I started just before I turned 18, this is my 3rd month and my active acne is completely gone and has been for a month now. It's all redmarks/downhill from here, and they are fading as time goes on. Another month and i'll be really happy i think. If you're worried about the side effects, I wouldn't give it too much thought unless you have some health issues...The only real side effect i have had w
  5. Been a while since my last update. Skin is looking pretty good, for the last month i've had no new acne. the red marks are fading. At the moment my lips are pretty sore and cracked on both sides. I use chapstick etc. but the sides are all red and often it looks like i've just smudged lipstick all over my lips (any ideas?) Haha. Anyway. I'm loving the thought of clear skin, still a while to go, but I am worried it might return when i get off accutane. What's a good product to use when I ge
  6. Yeah since my last update...so yeah a few weeks without active acne...I think the bulk of it may be over for me. Let's hope so anyway. I'm going up to 60/mg a day for my next month. -Chris
  7. Same...I'm on month three and it's working like a charm. It's super awesome. -Chris
  8. Month three, Day two Alright. Things are looking good. It's mainly just redmarks now, and it looks like they are fading. I haven't been getting much active acne in a while....This is great. Best I've been in a while. Accutane - keep doing your thing...This is seriously great. -Chris
  9. Alright. First of all, stop lazing around in your room. I've been down there, done that, it's a dead end. I'm telling you - when you're depressed, everythings fucked up. The best way for you to get better is definitely not to sit around. I've been watching your posts on the forum recently; you seem like a pretty neat guy. Cut down on the alcohol, that's not doing you any good. Maybe you could use a girlfriend. You say you're in a band? Do you guys gig much? I always feel better when I'm playin
  10. Month two, day 13 fdkgjdfgjfdjgf... Okay so "overall" things are doing alright. It's pretty alright. I'm not getting much active acne, but the marks are so annoying, it seems that some days they look fine, other days they look crap, like today. DAMN you bright daylight sun... Lips are dry as hell. They flake, bleed, whatever. Agggggh. I got some lipbalm for the day, doesn't last that long...Vaseline for night time. I'm 18 tomorrow... -Chris
  11. Hmm, sounds like somehting i had a while ago, before I went on accutane...my nose would sometimes get a little red in places, and I would always know that it was a zit forming. Once, the tip of my nose really hurt, especially when i touched it. It was a little red spot...it ended up forming a small little pimple (after 2 days or so). I shot the crap out of it with BP and eventually, it died. And the pain went away. Yours could be something different, but that sounds like exactly what I got onc
  12. Wow that sucks, what awful people! I dunno about where ever you guys all live but in New Zealand at my school or anything, I never saw any comments like that...to anyone. I guess that's why they play the puberty videos when we're like 10-11 over here, hahaha. But still, we never had to watch freakin' videos with acne in them, just mainly on sex...haha. -Chris
  13. Hey Marissa I notice it's your first post here...Welcome. Whats your regimen/how are you treating your skin? your gallery looks good - you're a very pretty girl. Don't let acne get you down, it'll be out of your life for good soon. -Chris
  14. wow haha how did you know i was there?


  15. Ahhh, u r in Wellington. Nice to know u, NZ represent!