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  1. Hello everyone. I need help figuring out what is going on with my neck! A little background, i have been on accutane 4 times, and the acne always comes back. It has been about 6 months since my last course ended. Recently, my neck has been "splotchy" and kind of itchy in areas. About 3 months ago this splotchyness started. At first, I thought it was just irritated, but it has gotten more noticeable. Within the last few weeks it is actually itching. I try not to scratch or rub it. Thinking that m
  2. Month or so at earliest sign of improvement. Dryness occurs within a week.
  3. I have more pics but I guess I have exceeded the upload limit? Hmm.... Also, I apologize for the cell phone pics, it doesnt make my back look so bad...
  4. I've been a member on here for over 4 years. Wow... I cannot believe it has been that long. The bad news is, I suppose, that I am still here. I really wish I had no use for this forum. Mini-update: In April, I finished a 6-month course of Accutane first at 40mg/day and then 60mg/day for the last few months. The acne has just resurfaced within the past few days and it is back with a vengance. This is the quickest it has returned since a bout of Accutane, which is pretty depressing to me. I was h
  5. Still around Giselle? :)

  6. Week 3 update: Breakouts occurring more frequently on forehead and chin-line. (May be due more to my relapse after Accutane now becoming more prominent, and not the regimen's ineffectiveness) Sucks.
  7. Week 2 down using Fiber, Zinc, daily multivitamin, and Gr8-Dophilus probiotic.... no improvement. Hasn't gotten dramatically worse, I would say no change really. *sigh*
  8. I am on day 3 of this regimen. No change thus far.
  9. Its been a while but Im still around and checking back in. 24 years old now, and still have acne. Maybe try the probiotic and fiber regimen next? No idea.
  10. I'm Taking Pro-Biotics acidophilus. Its a white and blue bottle from GNC. 14 billion good bacteria and 8 benefiital pro-biotic strains. I take two when I get up in the morning on an empty stomach. Its supposed to work better on an empty stomach I believe. Then I eat some probiotic strawberry flavored yogurt. At night I drink about 1/2 cup of a probiotic drink. My face looks pretty darn good so far! Thats it. Update?
  11. You're going to love Accutane. Its a miracle drug. Just hang in there while it does its thing. Keep moisturized.
  12. Is this where you get your Accutane from? Does your Derm think 20mg is enough for you? Or do you take multiple pills per day? I am very curious as to your regimen so please let me know! In a PM would be fine also. Also, how fast is the delivery from this pharmacy? I am in Arizona, USA. I am still wondering about this... Has anyone else purchased their Tane from overseas pharmacies? If so, what was your experience? Send me a PM if you dont mind. Thanks!
  13. I will say u are not offending me. However, the poster asked for our opinon. I have to ask though, where u at a growing age where u could permantely not grow? Though it might not happen to him, there is still a chance. Just b/c a doctor has a m.d. at the end of thier name does not mean that they are qualified. I get surprised all the time how some make it through med school and residency. Not all doctors are in it for the patient's well being. I say that b/c my husband is a m.d. and I know
  14. I think many of these posts are a bit selfish. While many of you are looking out for his best interests, none of us have seen pictures of what his acne looks like. I dont mean to be rude, but what makes you think that you are more qualified to tell someone what to take or not take, when you are not an M.D.? If a doctor is that confident about prescribing Accutane (which many won't do it just for the liability), then the poster must really need it. I hope I did not offend anyone, but as I said,