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  1. Has anyone out there had success with making your scarring less noticable???? Im so tired of my face! Please help!
  2. Thank you both! Im calling to get a second opinion tomorrow. The PS i saw had really good reviews so I figured he would give me the best option. Ive been researching as mush as possible...for months. I will post on realself to see what they say! I will keep you all updated!
  3. He told me that i have about 6 that need the punch. Another doctor was pushing me toward laser. I am in Kentucky, USA. He told me that the scar wont disapear but wont be indented. There are some deep ones that font show up in the pic too well. The larger scar is a chicken pox scar that i have had since I was 6 lol! I just really hate these scars. My skin was perfect until my freshmanyear of college. I woke up with 3 cyst and ive battled with it every since. Here recently its just started break
  4. So my face is a little broken out which always happens 2 weeks before my period. But here are my scars. One side is worse than the other. I am so sick of them! Ugh.
  5. I went to a plastic surgeon to see what I could do about my scars. I am so tired of having them. He was very honest and told me that punch excision would be best. Has anyone had this done?!