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  1. Hi, thanks for the reply. Well, I drank soy milk like twice. It could be a coincidence as well or a combination of things. It calmed a bit now too, so I guess time will tell
  2. Thanks for the response and advice. Yes, I will definitely try almond & coconut milk next time. Dairy is just bad in general so I will try to hang in there with my decision
  3. Hi everyone, I know everybody has their own cures and causes for acne but I was just wondering if there is anyone who have had a similar experience with me. In the past, I tried many things: accutane, birth control pill, topical creams etc. And nothing really seemed to help permanently. Last year though, my acne got better after I started taking zinc and cod liver oil. Last week, I made a radical decision and I quit dairy. Actually I used to drink so much milk, because I consume about 2-3