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  1. Had it done two weeks ago. Already helped with smoothing everything out. Skin looks more even and healthy. Shallow scars are fading. Also had discoloration which is now gone. Helps reduce enlarged porres. Had it done by a hospital for 240 euro. The doctor told me she has treated hundreds of patients without complaint of skin damage. Also was a lot less painfull then co2 laser and 3 to 4 days downtime. Had resurfx fractional. Going for another 2 sessions. For me it feels safe in her hands an
  2. Thanks we will get by. Oke maybe some treatment can help you get by a few years again. This has worked for me. My worries are that i'll get mental problems when i hit 40 because of aging and all the years i have lost. So i am trying to make it up by doing the things i always wanted. When i look at my mother she is so good at accepting her age and the way she looks. I guess self respect and some things in life gets more important as we grow older. She has always helped others. You might be
  3. Hello. Thanks for sharing. I try respond now and then because this forum is low on people giving any advice. What i learned from bdd is that you dislike the way you look besides having bad skin. If you are having emotional problems since your skin flaws it is either regular emotional problems from acne or an obsession. Mostly it can help to do a two way plan. treatment and some new way of thinking. From what i hear from your story others don't see any skin flaws. That means your misundersto
  4. get outdoors, moisturize, healing, then dermapen 1--1,5 overall- maybe 2mm for deeper scars.
  5. good going. yes same here, new plan, new dreams, going to see the world and sometimes suffer. be friendly. keep going. even 70 -30 quality of life Is doable. misery chaos al around also great things. nothing stays the same. and we can develop luck can be close by, giving up on the things you like or love Is death. life I all that is and can be. and dreams caring truth gives focus strength and perception in the suffering. what comes afterward Is unknown so best to keep shinning were we can
  6. i am not sure. Sometimes i dont get scars or skin. I had three deeper scars and had subscission done with laser. At first the results where mostly from microswelling. Altgough still a lot of improvement. Then about a year later i noticed the scars where a lot less deep. Not sure if dermarollibg did this. How i think about it is that suvscission well preformed cuts the scar tissue between the skin and fat other tissue. The only way for a deep scar to heal is if it is lose so the depression can he
  7. Ernesto had 90 % improvement (subjective), after a few weeks 55% and then after 8 months 75%. He was very happy with his results. Sure there can be some swelling, I believe most results are permanent.
  8. I did 2,5 mm dermapen on my scars and bad texture. The strange thing was that some plasces felt like they where hollow or empty under the first two skin layers. Like there is no connection to the underskin and the needles went through easy. . Anyway I did a good session, used Vaseline spray and when it dried medical honey and some petides . The honey did antoher wonder on my skin. Not only did it promote healing, works as a scaffold, keeps it moist. It has essential minerals and feeds the
  9. dr khan he told me good for deep scars not for texture scars. So not sure....it isn't a alround fix but could be a treatment option in the near future. lamar on this forum had great results
  10. I have had 40% improvement by co2, maybe 20 % by tca full peel, 10% by tca cross, 5 % by dermarolling. The way I nourished my skin varied from stress and smoking, to good food non smoking and sport. I believe it depends on skin type and condition how people react to laser, realself show 84% worth it (might not be accurate) People heal differently, have different thickness of skin and practitioners treat differently. Some swear by dermarolling, others have had no improvement or even deep sk