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  1. I asked myself why I was almost 100% clear after 3 month and now im at the end of 5th month and get these white head when i shave...is it something wrong with me and the drug or because my skin is so thin and irrited that when i shave it do this and probably have not a lot to do whith acne ?? is this possible..if it isn't why I was better 2 months ago ?
  2. are you guys talking about the 2 blades or 3 blades version of the gilette sensor ??
  3. why white head everytime I shave ?? I have 5 months of accutane done and everytime I shave (especialy if I wait a couple of days before shaving) I got all these whitehead under and over my skin ? I did not even got these before (they were more like papule or nodule).
  4. Hi, I want to know something from the people who got more than the 150mg/kg dosage. The reason your derm persist the treatment was because he was scared it will come back and wanted to make sure it is done "forever" or after the 150mg/kg you still has few active spot ?? I would also like to know what was your cummulative dosage. thx a lot
  5. yeah same here..What if you are not clear after the 150mg per kg ? is it dangerous to continue ? can it clears later or after that it won't change anything??
  6. So labgirl you got 262.5mg/kg of cummulative dosage !!? I really thought that 150 mg/kg was the maximum you could get
  7. For the past few months I have read every side effects on the internet and on papers from Roche and it never mentioned that it can cause flushing ! Oh excep maybe it says that an overdose or allergic reaction can cause flushing but I doubt everyone here that talk about flushing are allergic to this medication. I also called Roche to talk about my flushing problem at the begining (I had never heard of it before coming here at acne.org) and the girl was all surprised and said it was never mentionn
  8. all of these products works perfectly for me Dryness -----> Impruv moisturizer Washing ----> Cetaphil gentil cleaner Exzema on hand and arms ------> Hydrocortisone 1% Bit of urticaria on the face -----> Hydrocortisone 1% Shaving -----> Bioterm for sensitive skin (worth every $$) Lips ------>original Lipsyl REDNESS / FLUSHING ---> have not tried anything special..i'm just hoping it will leave after tane
  9. Hi guys IM done with accutane in 3 weeks and I still get some acne on my back and face (not a lot but still)..and i wanted to know what kind of acne it is when I get these kind of blackhead that grows with an hair on my back..i get a little hair and hoops there is a bump and when you pull out that hair there is this shit that follow..what is this ? thx a lot
  10. Hi guys, I have a real skin issue...I am on accutane since october 13 and I was wondering if anyone else experience this : whenever i touch my skin (even just a lil poke) a red "circle" appear all around that area...If i touch somewhere (particular on my forehead) in my face it becomes red at that place...the reddish color goes away like 30 minutes-1 hour later. I hate my skin..do I have a skin disease ? anyone else experience this??
  11. thx a lot ! and from personal expericence, does the pauses I took during the course really make a difference ? also is it normal that i still get breakout of blackhead and white head ?
  12. Hi this is what I did since the begginning (I weight 60kg) 11 weeks at 60mg/day 9 days pause 7 weeks at 40mg/day 14 days pause now ???? weeks at 60mg/day if I want to get to cummulative dose of 150mg/kg ? I am saying this cause i am not clear at all yet !
  13. In the morning I shower, wash my face with cetaphil and then I put my moisturizer because it become dry but when I will be in the south, do I put my Sun cream before or after my moisturizer ? Should I only put the sun cream ?
  14. See, I have a big skin issue since like a year. My skin (in my face) don't feel like a skin...i mean the type of skin...it is more like granulation, even when I moisturize it is more like a billion of granulation. I don't know what it is, I have never seen anybody whit this kind of skin... I also have mild acne
  15. but I mean is there really a way to avoid the sun ? 15 minutes here and there, I mean, the sun will be on me all day long for 7 days !!??
  16. I am on accutane since 4 month and a haft and my doctor want me to continue for 3 weeks. The problem is, I am going in vacation under the sun of Cuba with my girlfriend really soon. There is not much to do there exept tanning on the beach and I am soooo scrared I will take a bad sunburn that i almost want to cancel my trip. The doctor said I could stop like 1-2 day before Cuba and start again for 2 weeks after. He said that it would not make a difference anyway if I stop a week or a day before
  17. first 3 month 60mg/day now 1 month and a week at 40mg/day I get these since about the 3rd month...they are not flat, they become big and itchy sometimes and can leave an hour later..I think it's called "urticaria"..i'm 125lbs
  18. Hi Is it normal that almost everyday I get one of these "spot" or bump" that is NOT a acne at all. It is so itchy and appeared in like a minute for no reason. It becomes really itchy and sometime as big as a cyst and all red around it....the day after there is often nothing left. Is is a accutane effect..anyone else got this ? does it leave after accutane ?
  19. I did ask my doctor and there was no problem..just make sure you don't take over 5g of creatine/per day and drink plenty of water.....if you take over 5g a day you will pissed the rest anyway and may damage your liver
  20. Ok guys, I doN't like to do thread like this but I need help calculating my dosage compared to "recommended dosage". I started on October 13th 2006 with 40mg one day and 80mg the next day until december 28th where i stoped for 10 days because of extreme facial exzema Then I started again on January 6th 2007 with 40mg everyday I am stopping February 23th 2006 does it seem good if you know I weight around 125lbs ??
  21. why do such a thing ? do you prefer to have a fake nice looking body for short term or a clear face forever ? + if you have some money to throw for steroids, why not take a body building trainer and and then build a real body ?
  22. I guys, I am about to finish my accutane treatment and I was woundering when I sould stop exactly because of sun exposure coming up I am leaving on March 3rd so should I stop like 7 or 10 days before ? Also what kind of protection should I put on my skin for the week of sun exposure ? Last thing, about how long does it take for the dryness of lips, skin, eyes to go away after the treatment ?