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  1. I have a lot of hypopigmentation on my cheeks and they are really getting me down as they are near enough permanent. Does anyone know of any ways to cover them or at least make them appear better?...im a guy btw
  2. Are there any products or techniques I can use to make my face appear better? My face just looks really uneven and scarred up.
  3. Thanks for the tip. You are pretty! Hey youre only 16! What I would give to be 16 again! Make the most of it, dont live out your young days worrying about acne. There is much more to life than appearcne and I WISH i knew that when I was your age. You are very pretty so dont worry! Hey thanks for remembering me mate. Yeah If all else fails I think I may take the plunge and get accutane. I mean Im 25! I've done too much worrying about acne!
  4. Wow you're pretty! I too have felt this way just recently. My face was 95% clear for nearly a year before I stupidly picked a cyst. It is healing now and getting back to normal. At the time I was depressed for a few days but now I'm happy(ish) again. Moral of the story - Your skin will be be better eventually and its not as bad as you think!
  5. I used to be an avid user of this forum and used to use it when my acne was at a really bad stage. This was around 5 years ago. I never thought I'd be coming back on this website making another one of these threads. I was 90% clear for the first time for the last 6 months and it felt....magical! I mean it was wonderful. I had confidence, I could speak to anyone, I was actually active in flirting with girls, my skin was the last thing on my mind....and now its shattered. I had what it felt like t
  6. Ok on my previous thread I had a cyst which I stupidly picked and I am now left with a white mark. It is white/pink in the middle and has a darker outer rim.I am super depressed because these marks do not ever heal and only sometimes fade away. My skin was clear for a good year or so until this mark came and ruined my face. Does anyone suffer from these and give me pointers on how I can fade it? I am already using Palmers Cocoa Butter on it twice a day. (will add pics soon)
  7. Thanks for replying. Just an update - My wound has fully scabbed up now (phew) so all I'm doing is keeping anti-bacterial cream on it and waiting till it falls off. Now way in hell I am going to pick at this. The lesson here is to NEVER pick a stubborn cyst! If cortisone shots are readily available I'd suggest getting one of those done.
  8. Yesterday set the alarm bells ringing. I stupidly picked a cyst on my flawless left cheek on my face and am now left with a horrible gash and white scar which I know is permanent! FML!
  9. I feel you. I also wish I could turn back time, prevented myself from picking which lead me to have permanent scars, took a more serious approach on acne and not have the 'I will grow out of it' mindset. I also wish I ate more healthy and stopped being so self concious about my face which has spoilt many opportunities for me in my years.. However it is never too late - there's always NOW.
  10. Thanks i think I may start accutane. I have had acne since I was 13 (I'm 25 now) and I am at the end of my tether. If it was small white heads I wouldn't be bothered but cystic, scarring, stubborn acne is the worst. What made it bigger was the fingernail marks/scars because I was pressing to hard otherwise it would have been nice and small. I am never pressing hard again!! I should have learned this lesson a while back but I never do. I had to prick it with a needle again this morning b
  11. Thanks for the reply. Cortisone shots are not readily available in the UK and I have already done the damage so is there anything I can do about this wound?
  12. My left cheek has been clear for nearly a year but recently I had this cyst. usually with cysts I can prick them with a needle, extract the puss and white stuff, it would then scab over and it easily fades. So as usual I tried to pop this cyst but no white puss came out all that came out was clear liquid and blood. Because I was trying so hard to pop the spot has gone 10x bigger and it looks like a wound because of the bruising around it and open skin. Like ive been shot in the cheek or somethin
  13. My acne recently doesnt come to a head! Sometimes I just have to prick it with a pin and sqeeze it hard before the puss comes out. This usually leaves my skin swollen and leaves a horrible mark. Before my skin used to come to a head and I could easily pop and it easily heals but now the puss lies deep within the spot and it just stays on my skin if I leave it. It doesnt even go down by itself it just stays on my skin until I have to pop it. Anyone ever get this?
  14. When I pop a spot I usually get a mark which is red at the beginning then goes dark brown and then fades after a month or so. Why isnt this mark I have fading like usual? There is no pain and is slightly raised. Its been on my skin for a good 5-6 months now.
  15. Bump No I still havent got rid of these things! Theyre really making me depressed because theya re not fading like normal brown marks. Since posting i have got two mor hypogimented scars on my cheeks. Argh! So annoying! Anyway i am going to try ginger root for 6 months and see if that changes them. If not then I think I have to look into possible laser surgery like V-tar. Has anyone been successful in repigmenting these marks?