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  1. Try witch hazel toner with lavender...it works like magic for clogged pores
  2. I am currently on epiduo...and it's actually working really well for me...I think I just got acne because of castor oil...and it really did clog my pores... epiduo is working like magic..my acne is almost gone...I cannot be more happy
  3. Miracle product

    I have a long on and off relation with my acne..last year I finally decided to go to a dermatologist...he prescribed me clindamycin with phosphate in the day time and deriva-BPO(very similar to epiduo...but it contains adapalene as microsphere)...I followed the regime but didn't know that this is going to make my skin very sensitive to sun....so I ended up getting really red cheeks...and it looked almost like I have burned them...I felt itchy all the time though my pimples where gone but this th
  4. I was very afraid to use ocm...after reading it's various side affects.,... while I was researching I got to know that it was OK to apply castor oil on the face at night as it's really moisturizing ...and since I have dry skin I thought of giving it a shot....for the first two weeks my face was fine.. existing acne where also healing...but after that everything got worse just in one... when I woke up the other day my whole face was filled with small red bumps with no heads inside my skin..and a