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  1. I always thought BP was just the cream..? There is a face wash as well? Also, how fast did you see results?
  2. Has anybody ever had a problem with excessive oil? If so, how do you calm it? I never used to have problems with it.. now over the past year it has become horrible. I've tried mattifying lotions and those work for a good 4 - 5 hours (if that).. After that there is a lot of oil on my skin that is very shiny and noticable. Anybody have success reducing oil? It is the only reason I still get acne.. I believe I am over the bacterial or hormonal acne.. now I'm left with a thick shine that I can't
  3. Alright.. so does anybody know about how many they took per day to reduce oil?
  4. How many pills should I take per day?
  5. Does omega-3 really work for reducing oil? Anybody had any success? Any other recomendations?
  6. This is gonna sound crazy. But me and my girl stopped having sex so much. We just cut back a little. My acne is pretty much gone. The key for me was going from washing twice a day to once. And just one other time using tepid water during the day.
  7. I got a B vitamin supplement but I don't know if they're B5... Whats the diff?
  8. Tepid.. not hot not cold. In the middle. Well it hasn't so far. I'll put my face under the sink or under the showerhead for a quick second. I get the occasional pimple. But nothing too serious. I've been doing this for 2 or 3 weeks now. Only gotten 2 pimples. (One was kinda bigger than normal) My acne has been getting better, the pimples are always smaller so I resorted to this.
  9. Yeah I actually cut back to washing once maybe twice a day and using tepid water just to dry up some oil. I eased into washing less and my red marks improved..
  10. Hello, I was wondering if anybody has any info on alcohol and its effects on acne.. Does it promote acne? Also, does it add to oily skin. I've never had overly oily skin but now my forehead and nose are very oily.. I tried to not wash so much to replenish natural oils but it still comes back.. any oily-skin tips?