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  1. I had 7 Smoothbeam treatments in 2004-2005 and it's been 3 years since the last of my five Fraxel treatments. The Smoothbeams helped clear my skin but didn't seem to improve my skin texture, whereas old friends noticed that my skin was smoother following the Fraxels. However, one caveat about Fraxel is that I seem to have lost fat on my face, most noticeably along the temples, which I try to hide with my hair most of the time. I believe this to be the case because, after my Fraxel treatments,
  2. 1) My nurse recommended staying indoors mostly, but since you have no choice, wear sunblock and a hat, preferably wide-brimmed. 2) After my 1st Fraxel back in March, it took my face a good week to heal completely, at least to the casual observer's eye. 3) In my experience, Fraxel has made my oily skin more even-textured and normal, a lot less oily. My skin is a little glowy and a lot clearer now too, and friends have commented on that. I've had 3 treatments so far, but I noticed less oil
  3. Try taking fish oil supplements, which will help get rid of dry skin. Limit Carmex use. It contains a little salicylic acid (1 or 2%), as it was originally used for cold sores.
  4. I have rolling scars on my left cheek, due to sun exposure while driving, so I don't think sunburn is good for scars.
  5. I went to the Santa Monica dermatologist (rather not say her name for fear of being sued) who used to be prominently featured on that show, from '04 to '05, doing 7 Smoothbeams, 2 PDTs, and a lot of SkinMedica peels and microderms (called Diamond Peel) in between. It's possible that they have newer procedures now, but at the time they didn't have techniques that other places didn't have. For me they recommended Fraxel, only after I saw a blue-tinted, older woman and asked her about her treat
  6. When I was an younger, I tried fasting and crazy gallbladder and liver cleanses I'd found online, because I had poor digestion, even though I was jogging or swimming daily. Frankly I regret doing that to my body, drinking huge quantities of lemon juice, olive oil, and epsom solution. A friend who was in med school strongly urged me not to do the cleanses but I did them anyway. I would advise you to cut out or limit your consumption of hydrogenated oil (found in baked sweets, chips, fried food
  7. yep, I'm referring to what's her name. I wish I'd never fallen for the EM hype.
  8. There are fine dermatologists everywhere. I used to go to the EM's derm office in Santa Monica, and it was a factory-like place that overcharges compared to other area derm offices, and you never actually get to see the dermatologist unless you're a celebrity or extremely wealthy. It's not worth it. Go to a dermatologist that has trained in dermatology. Lately a friend accidentally went to an ER dr who got supplemental training in dermatology and called himself a dermatologist.
  9. I used to use them four years ago, but my then-dermatologist told me that they weren't good for the skin, because they were bad for skin elasticity and ripped off pieces of healthy skin and that the detrimental effects of the porestrips would show up with age.
  10. An esthetician once suggested cutting dairy out of my diet, except for special occasions. Her thought process was that the fat in cheeses slowed down digestion in most people's GI system, that many people can't digest large quantities of lactose, and that hormones and antibiotics in milk were causing hormone problems in us.
  11. Also, I'm not sure, because I did also add green tea pill to my supplements, but recently I had a 2nd Fraxel treatment and I think the fish oil has reduced the post-Fraxel swelling + milia by a LOT and the milia are falling off more quickly than the first time I did Fraxel.
  12. That is interesting you note that! I had a friend over the other day that saw my fish oil bottle and then immediately noted how he had to take cod liver oil growing up haha! Does your friend have acne right now? Or is she just doing it for good health measures? She doesn't have acne (I don't think she ever had a problem with acne actually), but she does have very dry skin and a lot of wrinkles around her eyes for a 30-yr-old who doesn't tan, drink or smoke. She also complains of stress
  13. btw, I just thought this was interesting. Recently I was telling a half Russian-half Finnish friend about my fish oil supplementation, and she remarked that growing up she and her peers were force-fed really awful-smelling fish oil as a daily vitamin by their parents, but that the practice was abandoned once her family moved to the US. She said she would look into it and maybe start taking fish oil again.
  14. A few days ago I had my 2nd Fraxel, and I have MUCH less milia on my chin and jaws, as well as very little swelling (which I attribute to Sinecch and more fish oil omega-3, which reduces systemic inflammation). The fewer milia is partly due to increasing my fish oil supplements from 1800 mg EPA + DHA daily (1st Fraxel) to 3000 mg daily (2nd Fraxel). I didn't ask, but I think it's safe to take fish oil. The weekend before the Fraxel I purchased green tea extract supplements, and have been ta
  15. I think that taking the fish oil has helped reduce oiliness and persistent dandruff. Re the late Amazon delivery, normally Amazon is pretty good about delivering things. I did get a notice that it was shipped out of their warehouse today. The product I ordered was out of stock for so long Amazon asked me if I wanted to cancel my order a while back. It wasn't urgent, but annoying, as some companies like Zappos (shoes) offers free overnight delivery. Their window for delivery is almost a mo