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  1. Sorry i mean to say i did NOT use those products last time. I actually have retin a OTC that i bought a year or so ago online, so maybe that still works.
  2. I will be doing cross not a peel. Thanks for your input. I believe you need a prescription for hydroquinone and retin A. I see my Dr. in a few weeks so i do not think i can get a hold of the bleach or retin a. Last time, i did use any of those pre or post the surgery. Do you i will be ok with out using it?
  3. Hey, i just want to let you know that you are not alone. I have scars too and it has definitely affected my dating life. I agree with the frog gym meme lol i feel like that all the time.
  4. Looks like you might be skin 3 type of beyond since you say you are asian. I would be careful with TCA and do a test spot first. I have ethnic skin type similar and TCA can leave spots if not done correctly, but it should help.
  5. UPDATE: I will not continue with TCA cross or any type of peels. I feel like the improvement was minimal and some actually got worse. The very very long healing time only adds to my stress and i have accepted living with my icepicks.
  6. Have you tried subcision ? That usually helps. It improved mine. Btw, what fillers did you use and how long did they last ?
  7. Over time is has risen more than what it was, like I said some scars responded well others don’t
  8. It was just subcision, and I feel like the dr. Did too many spots and once and I got nodules both times that took months to fade
  9. Thanks for explaining. at the moment I do not plan to RF. again I’m being conservative due to my past experiences. HA fillers plus Microneedling a couple months afterwards is my plan for the future
  10. Pretty sure the Dr. used 100% Some scars took less than others, some in a few months but there are others that take one year and a half to fully recover. I feel like tca is hit or miss for scars , some really improved, others not so much. The box car scar definitely got wider but they have elevated over time but I’m not sure if thr trade off was worth it. I probably would not do it again. Then again, my skin type is ethnic so that plays a huge role
  11. What are your thoughts on Voluma or just any HA filler? I want to be very conservative and i like these fillers becasue they can easily be dissolved if something goes wrong? I know these are more "temporary" but i am willing to do them once or twice a year and eventually less often. Idk about sculptra though, it seems like there are more risks.
  12. I will definitely look into Sculptra. This filler is not HA correct ? I believe its PLLA. Do you know if the risks are greater compared to an HA filler? I dont want any thing permanent for now. I will look into Infini as well, i have heard good things about it.
  13. I really hope HA FILLER will be sufficient on its own and will get rid of that ugly scar on left cheek. I dont want to do subcision or TCA again, too much stress and way too much recovery time. I can live with the ice pic scars but the ugly one on my left cheek i need to get rid of!
  14. Hello, I have posted here in the past, and i thought i would give an update and let you know my future plans and how i have been healing. The procedures listed below is what i have done: - subcison with TCA- July 2016 -subcision with TCA -November 2016 -3 or 4 microneedling with derminator My thoughts on my healing/treatments: -The TCA cross applied to box car scars take a long long time to heal, some are still not fully healed. I think my skin type is prone to hyperpigmentat