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  1. stop stealing Gumby's avatar, you tool

  2. http://www.sleepinbeauty.com/skin_care_bea..._pillowcase.cfm so its a pillowcase that helps prevent acne. I dont know has anyone tried this hting, if so is it worth it?
  3. hey, i finished my 1st course of accutane on december adn the acne stopped. Unfortunately, they started forming a few weeks ago, but only papules. I think for the first time i started getting papular pimples, and they didnt budge for weeks. but i started a new regimen and its seems like they are all gone now, so if anyone who only get papules u could give it a try. Clean & Clear (salylsic acid) cleanser Spectro Gel Mild cleansing pads ( S acid) Spectro Gel BPeroxide 2.5% Vichy Normaderm
  4. ya, i've noticed that this one pimple on my face itches after i put BP on it. hopefully it will stop soon. :confused:
  5. happy birthday, cheer up man. acne will clear up soon, dont hink that you are ugly, becaues you are not at all.

  6. hey, have you or do you ever want to go back to college? i started uni this year, and i just feel like droppping out or atleast finish this term and stop. It just doesnt feel right for me either. but i don't know what else there is to do.
  7. i had so may days like that, but i didn't skip all of 'em, some i did. well i hope the pimples clear up and that you feel better (emotionally) tke care
  8. i was on it for like a year, and then it stopped working. your body becomes immuned to minocycline (anti-biotics) right? sort of a short term thing for me atleast. i didnt really have any side effects. it really didn't do too much for me, but you could give it a try, seems like others had some success with it. the only thing that worked well was accutane for me.
  9. happy birthday to both of you and happy valentine's day. "who am I", things will get better man, i remember last year, on my 18th b-day, i hated myself, was failing school. but things are a lot better now, and htings will get better for you too. just wait till university, much much better than high school. wish you my best take care
  10. we are all the same. but with the hair thing, i used to do that, and maybe that made it worse (hair/oil etc..) but once i cleared up, i presented myself better and felt more confident. Sadly, there are other things i hate about myself now and also the pimples are ocming back.
  11. ah i havfe the same thing, but no remarks and evenly distributed. it's not too bad though right? i kind of like it. sort of like freckles, i'ld rather worry about pimples on my cheeks.