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  1. yeah.. i've heard mixed reviews about it for the treatment of red marks (but not really for brown marks), but i'm having very good results with it. I basically mix two different types of 4% hydroquinone. I've had a couple tubes of this stuff for a while but I haven't really used it until recently. I got inspired to try it, despite all the bad stuff people say about side effects based on a certain user's gallery: before: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/uploads/1...2493_339477.jpg a week late
  2. 4% dermatologist-prescribed hydroquinone. look into it for red marks. this stuff is seriously changing my life.
  3. I tried some 10,000 IU vitamin E for brown/redmarks exactly 1 year and 1 week ago (i know this because I wanted a quick-fix for a special event at that time ). My skin is naturally pretty oily. I only used it three times because this bump started to form about half an inch below my right eye. It was basically a pimple, but it never came to a head. This bump left the longest brown mark I've ever had on my face. Today, a little over a year later, the mark has cleared about 95%, so now it just look
  4. thanks a lot man.... actually, i put LOADS of aloe vera gel on my face today, even before I read your post. I slept for a couple of hours and took a shower to wash the aloe off and the pain is completely gone. however the marks are still red and kind of shiny, which i guess suggests that the skin is dead
  5. hey man, have you started to peel yet? I did a 15% glycolic/salicylic mini-peel thing yesterday and today my skin and marks are VERY BRIGHT RED. This looks so awkward on a person having brown skin. Anyway, it's been less than 20 hours since I did it but my face burns so badly even now. Did your face burn or feel extra sensitive when it was red? Whats your healing status as of today?
  6. fuck that, even having very mild acne is horrible
  7. you probably jack off so much because you know it's gonna be a long time before you get some due to acne
  8. I would take my first year of law school seriously and would walk around each and every day like I had just won the lottery. No, actually I say that I'd do all the unrealistic things that everyone else is posting because in the end we all know we'll never just wake up and *POOF* have clear skin
  9. Just think, some people (acne or not) would kill to have a girlfriend/boyfriend. My philosophy is and has always been that if you have a significant other you're doing just fine. People like me, however, who frequently have girls check them out but don't even feel worthy of even talking to them because of a few redmarks are not doing fine. Pretty fucked up and sad actually. But hey, even with acne, be thankful that you had the balls to get in a relationship in the first place, lol
  10. Actually, I think that if I never came to this site in the first place, then I would be fine today. Sad but true. A few years ago, I never used to care about acne, then I came here and read too much stuff Anyway, my regimen used to consist of regular bar soap, clearasil ultra, and stridex pads. This kept me 99% clear with smooth-like-butter skin. I don't know what changed along the way, but at some point I started getting breakouts. I then started to try the various things I read on this site
  11. use too much of it and you'll break out.....BADLY. I just found this out this week (I now have 3 bright red PAINFUL bumps under the skin on my right cheek where I applied too much sudocrem). It's going to take about 3 months for the resulting marks to clear Pretty sad because I was 98% pimple-free before using it Been using it for a few weeks on and off and haven't really seen too much of a change to be honest. Just another $30 I've spent on an internet cream that hasn't done jack
  12. i've got brown skin and on my cheeks i've got bright red and purple marks
  13. Today I received SkinRx Clinic's 15% Glycolic Smoothing Gel. I'm VERY sick of red marks, so I impulsively bought this product without reading anything about it Has anyone tried it? They say its a gel, but by looking at the bottle it looks more like a peel or something. Anyway, here's the product description: 2 oz. Glycolic Acid at 15% strength with pH 3.0. This oil free gel improves the texture and condition of skin with large pores, acne and blackheads, fine lines or sun damage. Those with
  14. I don't know if it's been mentioned already, but if you're in the eastern time zone, turn on MTV right now. The MTV documentary about people with acne is on