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  1. No im using the bp to control my acne although i use a very thin layer nowhere near as much as is recommended on here. I know the whole thing about bp causing red marks to linger because i have experienced this first hand. Would an AHA routine i.e Glycolic wash and a glycolic night treatment combined with a weekly peel be effective for keeping acne at bay as well as helping marks? If so i would definitely give up bp as i hate it but it's all that keeps me clearer.
  2. I was wondering how i could fit a weekly 30% glycolic peel into my regimen when i use bp twice a day? Should i just skip the bp the day of the peel and the day after?
  3. I was wondering if using a very thin layer of bp would still be effective as using the full amount really irritated my skin, plus my acne is fairly mild more redmarks and clogged pores than spots.
  4. Ok i'm thinking i may ditch the SA and use a gentle cleanser followed by the AHA moisturiser, then once a week do a 30% peel but use aloe vera instead of the moisturiser afterwards, sound less irritating?
  5. As far as i'm aware red marks are on the surface of your skin, the thing is that your skin has many layers so exfoliation needs to be done over a long period of time to dramatically alter skin tone.
  6. cool thanks alot for the advice, instead of using those 2 SA products i might purchase the toner instead thats 10% glycolic and 5% salicylic.
  7. Is Salicylic really that bad at helping breakouts? The thing is bp is a big no no for me, i have very fair skin and although it works to some extent at treating acne the side effects it has had on my skin are terrible, i really feel the prolonged use of bp has destroyed my skin, there isn't a part of my face that doesn't have marks left from burning my skin with bp. So should i scratch both Salicylic products and just go with the glycolic? And why will these products make me red and dry?
  8. Hi guys i was looking for some advice, i just stopped the DKR because it just made my skin feel horrible and super irritated, i just don't think bp is for me. My main problem is loads of red marks, clogged pores and a few spots on a regular basis. I recently came across a site with alot of good products and was wondering if this regimen would be bad in any way? Morning and Evening: 10% Glycolic Cleanser 2% SA Treatment Gel 10% Glycolic Moisturiser 5% SA Peel Once weekly 30-50% Glycolic Acid Pe
  9. I was reading through the info on this site and realised the scrub and bp wash i had been using twice a day was making my skin appear worse than it really is so here are some updated pics. I got a pm from a member saying it looked severe and i should consider accutane, what do you all think? pic from yesterday pics from today Most of it is redmarks and blotchy healing skin so i'm thinking of using the regimen for a few weeks and perhaps adding a 15% glycolic moisturiser at night. p.s s
  10. the whole shaving thing is a real pain in the ass being in the army cuz i have to shave twice a day everyday and very quickly too, and sometimes its outdoors with a tiny mirror and a disposable razor which doesnt help lol.
  11. Cheers i think i'll definitely give this a shot then, not really like i got anything to lose lol. Just got to find some compatible products then i'll be set and keep this updated with pics.
  12. I will soon be turning 20 and have had skin problems for almost 6 years now. Do you think my condition would benefit from this regimen? And if so do you think prolonged use could eventually lead to complete clearness? The other side of my face is pretty much the same as is my chin and jawline. I get lots of blackheads on my nose and clogged pores on my forehead. I hope anyone can offer advice cuz i really am at the end of my tether and it's just ruining my life lol.
  13. I have to completely agree with mr d rok if ur just starting out i know it can be tempting to try all these supplements that promise ridiculous resluts but most of them work minimally if at all. Trust me i have been powerlifting/ bodybuilding for almost 10 years and the only thing you need is a solid routine and high calorie diet. Go along to bodybuilding.com and check the forums out if you need help with anything, imo don't waste your money on these over-hyped supplements and get ur ass in the