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  1. I also suffered with back acne for years. I had many big painful cysts that took weeks to go away. Benzoyl peroxide worked if i applied it twice a day EVERY day, but if I missed a day, I would break out like crazy! And, it was really time consuming and bleached a lot of my t-shirts. The only thing that has ever cured my back acne is going on a dairy free diet. I've been dairy free for over two months now, and I have no back breakouts anymore! All I use is Dove soap to wash my body...no special t
  2. In my experience, it does lighten skin slightly, but not dramatically. Lemon is extremely acidic, so repeated application of lemon juice may dry out your skin and make it tight and flaky. Also, if you do decide to try lemon to lighten your skin, remember to use sunscreen if you go outside, since lemon can make the skin photosensitive. Good luck!
  3. I, too, struggle with white plugs in the pores around my nose area. So, instead of having black heads, they look like little white dots, right? When I use pore strips, it takes most of the white plugs out, but then I'm left with visible open pores on my nose that inevitably fill with more white plugs in a few days. The unending cycle is frustrating! Proactiv used to help with this problem, but within the last few years, it seems to be less effective at preventing the white plugs and acne for m
  4. Has anyone successfully quit Proactiv or another product that contains benzoyl peroxide WITHOUT breaking out badly? I'm 24 and I've been using Proactiv since I was 14. I feel my skin is no longer as acne prone as it was when I was a teen, but my skin seems to be addicted to it, specifically the benzoyl peroxide. I tried to quit Proactiv when I was 17. I was warned that many users suffer major breakouts when they first quit, so I stopped using it. Well, I broke out...HORRIBLY. For months. It