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  1. peters, I took accutane when I was 15 for moderate cystic acne and my skin cleared right up. Then when I was 19 the acne came back and it seemed worse than before; so I went back on accutane when I was 21 and my skin cleared right up again. At the time I was in the Army and the Doctors refused to prescribe accutane, instead they tried every antibiotic and creams, etc.. Finally I convinced them to prescribe it. I am now 30 and I havent had a problem since. I do break out ocassionaly but its n
  2. Maya, I have indented scarring, about 5 or 6 scars along with some discoloration. They are relatively shallow although they seem very deep to me! I chose the peels because I wanted to start with a less invasive procedure first. I will do laser or subcision as a last resort. TCA peels are better for wrinkles and pigmenatation problems but they do improve acne scars if you do enough of them; they dont work very well for people with "ice pick" scars since these scars tend to be very deep and sha
  3. I do hope though that this will serve as a wake up call to anyone considering putting this stuff on their face, especially a 70% solution! Go to a few doctors and look into PROFESSIONAL treatments! Its unbeleivable that people are buying this stuff on EBAY for $8!!! If anyhting, buy a cream that has 8-10% acid. God Bless
  4. Hello All! Wanted to update you on my peel and ultrasonic treatments. The peel went well; there was no real discomfort at all, just alot of flaking and peeling. I didnt have to stay home or anything. My peel next week will be stronger so I might have some discomfort then. My skin looks a little better, but i did not expect major results after the first one. Hopefully after the third of fourth peel I will see some good results. I had the ultrasonic treatment today and it went well. The Derm us
  5. Laxor, There are a number of treatments you can try. Chemical Peels, laser surgery and subcision can help with indented scars. Depending upon the depth of your scarring you may have to repeat these procedures 2 or 3 times. your Derm may even combine 2 of these procedures. They can be expensive and require some time to heal afterwards. Collagen injections are very good for indented scars but is not permanent. If the Derm uses a quality material and your scars arent in a place where there i
  6. Glycolic Acid isnt strong enough to do much of anything, but if you are solely interested in price then it is the way to go. Too many people on this board think they can spend 10 or 15 bucks to get rid of their scars, when the truth is that you can spend thousands and MAYBE see a 50% improvement. Glycolic Acid does NOT work for scarring. You would have to do HUNDREDS of glycolic peels to see any significant results. Furthermore, to suggest that someone put 50% glycolic acid on thier face at hom
  7. Hello all. I just got back from having a TCA peel so I wanted to keep you all posted. It wasnt bad at all; she used a 15% solution and only applied one layer. Next time she said we could do 2 layers to get even deeper peeling. It did sting but only for a minute, it stung real bad on my forehead but she had a fan and fanned my face for a while. There is no discomfort at all now. She also said that I shouldnt have any downtime. I am going to do one every 2 weeks for 3 months and then judge my im
  8. The peels I am going to get are TCA peels. My doctor is going to start out with low acid percentages and then increase them as my skin can tolerate it. They will cost $65 a peel and she said I could get one every 2 weeks since she is not using them full strength. I will see how I feel after the first one before I committ to doing one every two weeks. Since she wont be using them full strength I will have to go back alot of course, but the upside is I will still be able to carry on with my lif
  9. Hey Mike! I wouldnt worry about treating the scars until the acne is gone. There are a number of things you can do for the scars but the best thing is to go to a dermatologist and get advice. Trying to treat the scars on your own will only lead you to spend alot of $ on products that will give little to no improvement. I went to the derm and she is going to start me on a series of chemical peels. Good luck and God bless you!
  10. Sunshine, Please tell us more about the collagen issues in relation to laser surgery. Thanks and God Bless!
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys! hawaiinized, keep us posted on your results please. What kind of scars do you have and what percentage of improvement have you seen after your first subcision? What was the downtime? God Bless!
  12. Hello All! I used to come to this board often; now I am back. Well, i am very tired of trying all of these "remedies" for scarring and have made an appointment to see a surgeon this Tuesday. I figure with all of the money I have spent on peels, etc, I could have had subcision/excision performed. I am going into this wanting improvement and not expecting perfection. 40-50% improvement is better than 0% I will make sure to take before and after photos so I can share them with you all. Will also