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  1. It probably shouldn't, but running into the darkness until I pass out sounds REALLY good right now...
  2. If I hear people laughing, and I didn't say something funny, or I haven't heard anyone say anything audibly funny, then I ALWAYS think they're talking about me.
  3. I wanna do accutaine... at this point i'm thinking all side effects are worth getting rid of the acne.
  4. I swim on the weekends while at a friends house. It really dries out the face and makes it feel nice, and usually if I go swimming the next morning I see a good improvement. Idk, but I sure wish I had a pool.
  5. I've been on Acnexus for not long... but then my derm gave me some stuff. Not so sure about it, but I'm going to a new derm soon for Accutaine hopefully. Guess it's just the waiting game
  6. I've always felt like the more complicated my skin got, the more complicated my skincare got. Maybe it's the other way around?
  7. Many people claim marijuana worsens acne, some say it makes it better, and some say it has no effect. My experience is that when I used to smoke, I still had some zits, but very mild and not bad at all. I now realize that after quitting it has gotten MUCH worse! It's gone from very mild to SEVERE! I never quite get this, because I'm always hearing how much worse it makes acne for others. However, recently I came across a thread that brought something to my attention. Those who smoked daily,
  8. First, brewer's yeast is FAR different from baker's yeast and nutritional yeast... primarily because of it's high chromium levels. Brewer's yeast is NOT made from wheat or other grains and/or grain products. In reality, it is quite the opposite. Many grain products are made with types of yeast, primarily baker's yeast. Yeast is what causes it to rise. Brewer's yeast is used in the fermentation of alcohol in the process of making beer. Brewer's yeast is a fungus made up of single cell organisms.