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  1. I'm sure there is a relationship between what you eat and your skin health. The skin is part excretory organ, like your gut.
  2. During my many years struggling with mild cystic acne and after seeing many different Dermatologists, who put me on many different medications (including Accutane), I discovered that I must be the one to resolve my acne. If I was ever going to manage my acne, I must be proactive and study my skin in order to understand my acne disease process. So I began reading all I could about the skin and what role it plays with the body. Then I systematically examined my skin, trying to figure out what w
  3. Whenever I get clear little bumps I use organic coconut oil to moisturize and they usually disappear the next day or two.
  4. First off, I agree with WoahShay about cleansing your body from the inside out, something a lot of people overlook. Drink lots of water and limit the amount of dairy/sugar/processed food you eat (you don't have to completely stop, just reduce the amount significantly). I would also recommend taking a probiotic to help your gut health--this helped me tremendously when I had cystic acne. Be careful with scrubs/toners/washes or anything too drying for your skin. Dry skin is a breeding ground f
  5. Try organic raw coconut oil. Make you always dilute your ACV. Half water, half ACV.
  6. Amen to Gut Health!! Once I resolved my gut issues, my cystic acne was resolved.
  7. I kinda had this same situation a few years ago. I had to be very assertive and tell my Dermatologist that it's time to start talking about Accutane. If he was unwilling to prescribe it for me I was going to find a new Dermatologist. You're still in High School and developing into your body, is there any family history of Liver/Kidney disease? Depression? Mood disorders? Those are all red flags or maybe your Dermatologist has reservations about prescribing Accutane to people under 18. I ha
  8. I use either Neutragena Healthy Skin Primer or Clinique Green Tinted Primer.
  9. Neutragena Healthy Skin Primer and Foundation <3 They actually helped my skin!
  10. Go for cosmetics!! I use Neutragena Healthy Skin Primer and Foundation and it's never caused me any acne--it actually helped my acne. It gives my skin a natural look and it doesn't look like I'm wearing any make up. It's also pretty affordable.
  11. You should start y taking a look at your lifestyle and current health status. I struggled with your situation, large painful cysts that last forever. I tied my acne problem to my digestive health--eating lots of fiber and having regular BM's. I also limited the amount of sugar/dairy I ingest just to be safe. I can't cut it away completely because I love Cheetos and Gummi Bears too much. So look at your life and try to think about what's causing your acne. Make a list of potential trigge
  12. I've struggled with acne for years and I've tried everything from Proactiv to Accutane, and nothing worked. My acne were the large, painful cystic nodes that would last for weeks and I'd usually have about three or four on my cheeks at a time. Initially, I changed my lifestyle to help combat my breakouts. I trained myself to never touch my face, never wore makeup, cut out almost all sugar from my diet, used only sulfate free shampoo, changed my pillowcases once a week; but nothing seemed to h
  13. mcpeekj

    It changed my life!!

    It changed my life!!

    I've been having cystic acne breakouts for years and I've tried everything OTC and prescription, including Accutane, and nothing worked. The virgin coconut oil was the only thing that resolved my cystic acne. I only tried it because I saw it on Pintrest and I thought I had nothing to lose. So I went to Target and bought the organic virgin coconut oil, and the second I put it on my face I knew I made the right decision. My skin felt instantly better and I haven't had a cystic node since. I oc