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  1. I have always had huge pores on my nose and they see like theyre fill with little white things i mean not a whitehead but a pore filled with gunk or something can someone tell me what this is and how i can make the pores smaller?
  2. Wow im ahppy i can go back to being myself and getting all the ladiez!! All i did was change from using alot of chemicals to just 2 i use Some hand soap in the shower and Oxy New Chill factor stuff really worked for me cleared up about 6 pimples in 2-3 days! O i also spot treated with Vitamin E before bed that stuff works wonders!
  3. Alright i have some pimples on my nose about 5 and wondering wat i should do to get rid of them currently i am using Clean and Clear Deep Pore Cleanser and have been using it 2 days and it has made my skin brighter and more clean but i was wondering wat to do to get rid of them they are really tiny and and just red i was thinking about putting some vaseline on them to make the redness go away and drink lots of water and hoyfully they well clear up i also just started drinking green tea help appr
  4. Currently i use vitamins A-Z and its cleared me up everywhere im so pumped right now~!
  5. why do i still get some pimples even know i wash my face daily? Is it because i wash my face too much? Can washing your face too much make pimples pop up?
  6. used this for only 4 days and my skin has became more brighter and the redness has almost gone away i cant wait to see wat happens in 1 weeks thanks alot for ur help!