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  1. Go to moisturizer

    I love and hate this product. I've been using this for about 2 years now and it's a love and hate relationship. Sometimes it doesn't work well with certain facial cleanser and other times it works wonders. It can either dry out your face or make it so soft.
  2. Mchmary

    It's a meh

    It's a meh

    My friend recommended me this so I tried it out. After the first wash, it felt ok so I tried it out more. After often washing, I noticed that it doesn't really help with acne. So if you're just looking for a cleanser that cleanses well here it is.
  3. It stung

    I bought this product because I heard it helps with oily skin and it does, however it can be too drying for my face. Something I noticed when I first used this was that it stung really bad, especially around the mouth. It also made my face extremely red and itchy. However it does clean your skin very well, so that's a pro.